Matereality by Roman De Giuli

An unrecognized world: it does its thing!

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摄影师Roman De Giuli受DIY slime的启发,他希望用一些特殊的物质来创造出神奇的画面。该项目中所有展示的图像均来自于磁性材料如有色铁粉,于人工操作下呈现的物理变化。他使用顶尖的摄影器械,拍摄出这一幅幅令人惊奇的图像,并以艺术化手段为我们呈现。拍摄过程固然重要,然而在后期配乐的过程也更加考验摄影师的经验,创造力,以及想象力。配合动感的音乐,物质正在以另一种方式挑战我们的视觉和听觉神经。背景音乐来自澳大利亚年轻制作人Son-J。

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Inspired by  the videos about DIY slime, Roman De Giuli decided to make this research and video for the unexpected.With great  efforts and technologies and of course skills of professional, this film finally shows us an amazing view of the micro world. Thus leave us an impression that we may miss the beauty of the the micro world. All visuals were created using magnetic materials like iron powder together with several colors and fluids. The music comes from Son-J, a young producer from Australia bringing us the cutting edge of trap in 2017. 









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