Amatepec house by Manuel Cervants Estudio

the house with penetrating interior and exterior

Project Specs


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Housing in Amatepec is a project built in an area of Mexico City that has a determinant topographic condition toward a ravine.

▼项目外观,appearance © Rafael Gamo


The property has a very narrow front, 14 meters towards the street and a length of 77 meters, which made us analyze how it could be achieved that all areas will have good lighting and relate to the outside.The main access to the house is given with an almost blind volume lined with white ceramic material that creates a game between light and shadows with the different volumes.

▼项目由不同体块组合而成,立面饰以白色瓷砖,a combination of overlapping volumes and walls with white ceramic blocks  © Rafael Gamo

▼光影婆娑的入口,entrance full of changing shadows © Rafael Gamo


Using an existing Jacaranda as the center of an aromatic garden, the pedestrian entrance to the ground floor is generated. This access is located at 1.5 meters from the sidewalk level, with the aim that the volume does not stand out and respect the ground levels.

▼花园边的小径连接项目入口和外部空间,path in the garden connecting the entrance and exterior © Rafael Gamo

▼建筑主入口,main entrance © Rafael Gamo

▼建筑次入口,secondary entrance © Rafael Gamo

▼内部庭院,inner garden © Rafael Gamo


The program consists of three volumes on the ground floor that integrate a social area with a living room and dining room, as a multipurpose space that allows coexistence with the different green areas and an external social space. In another volume is the kitchen which has the option (given the conditions of the client) to become two spaces of simultaneous use, and finally the study, both spaces connected by a corridor that is articulated with the different green areas.

▼通往客厅和餐厅的细长走廊,the long corridor leading to living room and dining room © Rafael Gamo

▼从走廊看向开放的公共空间,view from the corridor to common spaces © Rafael Gamo

▼客厅与餐厅,living room and dining room © Rafael Gamo

▼室内外界限模糊,blurring indoor and outdoor boundaries © Rafael Gamo

▼从客厅看向花园,view from the living room to the garden © Rafael Gamo

▼室外社交空间,the external social space © Rafael Gamo


On the upper floor, a hallway connects with a family room overlooking the Jacaranda and the main garden, two bedrooms overlooking the central garden and finally, two bedrooms overlooking the ravine.

▼起居室可以看到花园景观,family room with garden view © Rafael Gamo


As a top of the corridor there’s an opening that separates this volume by generating an entrance of light benefitting the interior space.

▼地下室庭院,走廊的开口带来自然光照,basement courtyard and corridor’s opening with natural light © Rafael Gamo


The project reflects a combination of overlapping volumes lined each one with the ceramic material, creating an enclosure that opens to the outside.

▼夜景,night view © Rafael Gamo

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