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Masquespacio近期对自己的办公室进行了更新改造设计。事务所的概念“更多”( “Mas”/”More” )奠定了他们多年国际创意咨询经验的基调,设计师希望通过这次的改造设计,将理念更好的传达给客户。

Masquespacio presents the recent renovation of its own studio that represents the working experience at the international creative consultancy below the concept “Mas”, or “More” in English.

▽ 品牌形象重设计,redesign of the studio’s brand image

001-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio


The design from Masquespacio’s workspace starts with the redesign of the design studio’s brand image set up on one hand by its logotype and on the other by its icon ‘Mas’, better known as ‘More’ in English. The letter ‘S’ in this case divides each of the graphic applications in two different parts; a division that symbolizes the added value offered by the creative consultancy in each of its projects. Regarding to the colour election of the brand, it allows to play continuously with the various brand’s colours and choose the most “trendy” colour for each moment and project. This fact shows clearly the versatile nature from Masquespacio as a multidisciplinary design studio that works both on commercial as well as exclusive projects. The same concept is used for the interior design that plays with the different colours and partitions from the brand’s identity.

▽ 多样的色彩搭配,various brand’s colours

002-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

004-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

Masquespacio的创意总监,Ana Milena Hernández Palacios说:“我们大量运用了跳跃的色彩和装饰性的家具,尽我们的全力去营造温暖的氛围,而不是平庸的设计一个办公室,尽管这就是一个办公室。”

Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, creative director of Masquespacio: “Although it is a working space every moment we looked to incorporate decorative elements, besides vivid colours and upholstered furniture with the aim to create a warm atmosphere above just designing a place to work at.”

▽ 办公室,the office

023-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio


Entering the space, we meet a waiting room that at the same time do its job for more casual meetings and includes Masquespacio’s recently designed Toadstool collection. The right space on the other hand is divided in 2 different areas; Here we can encounter a meeting room, as well as the senior designer workplaces, separated as 2 individual cubes. The upper room at the same time follows Masquespacio’s identity palette of colours and finishes.

▽ 等待空间与Toadstool系列家具,waiting space and the Toadstool collection

009-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

011-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

▽ 书架,the library

012-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

▽ 会议室,meeting room

013-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

014-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

016-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

▽ 资深设计师工作空间,senior designer workplaces

017-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

018-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

019-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

▽ 展示空间,exhibit space

020-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio


Last but not least some plants add a green touch to the working space from the Spanish design studio that has done projects in Germany, Norway, USA and Spain.

▽ 绿意盎然的室内空间,interior with plants

021-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

022-Masquespacio office by Masquespacio

Design: Masquespacio
Photography Interior Design: Bruno Almela
Photography Branding: Luis Beltran

English Text: Masquespacio
Chinese Text: gooood

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