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Symbol of the neighborhood as an iconic old tree

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Located in a verdant residential neighborhood in the city of Fukuoka, this is the first office and showroom in western Japan for Maruhon, a manufacturer of natural wood for interiors. The design highlights the rich detail of Maruhon’s products, evoking the image of a huge tree that seems to have stood on the site for many years.

▼项目周边环境,surrounding environment of the project © Hiroshi Mizusaki

业主希望在这约为70平方米的场地上,创建出一个用于储存与展示400多块样品板的展厅与工作室。以此为前提,KATORI archi+design associates事务所运用木材将建筑本身转化为展示样品的装置,使建筑、家具以及产品三位一体。建筑的结构表面即为最终饰面,向大众展示材料与工艺。因此,项目的建造需要严格的施工规划与质量控制,同时,经验丰富木工工匠也是不可或缺的。

The client requested a workspace and area for storing and displaying over four hundred sample boards on the approximately 70m2 site. We responded by transforming the wooden building itself into a device for displaying samples, so that architecture, furniture, and product become three aspects of the same form. Because the structure serves as the finished surface, the project required both scrupulous construction planning and rigorous quality control, making highly skilled, experienced carpenters essential.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼建筑本身转化为展示木材样品的装置,the wooden building transforming into a device for displaying samples © Hiroshi Mizusaki


The exterior walls of the oval building are made of Japanese cedar planks from the Tenryu region, seamlessly interlocked to emphasize the play of light and shadow and stained with natural plant dyes (produced from leaves, berries, and roots collected through the seasons) to enhance the attractiveness of the wood. As time passes, we anticipate that the building will blend further into its surroundings, becoming as much a symbol of the neighborhood as an iconic old tree. This project has received full certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, the world’s most trusted sustainable forestry certification organization.

▼椭圆柱形的建筑外观,elliptical cylindrical appearance of the building © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼项目入口,entrance of the project © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼立面材料细部,detail of the facade material © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼入口与门把手细部,details of the entrance © Hiroshi Mizusaki


▼通过四级台阶向下到达项目一层, four steps down to the first floor of the project © Akito Goto

▼宽敞的通高中庭, two-story atrium begins a half-floor below ground © Akito Goto

▼书架下方的壁架则可以作为桌子或工作台使用,ledge below the wrap-around shelves that serves as a table © Akito Goto

▼一层为陈列室与工作室,二层为办公室,showroom and workshop on the ground floor and the Office on the upper floor © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼由楼梯俯瞰一层空间,overlooking the ground floor from the stair © Akito Goto

Stepping inside the building from the gentle slope where it sits, one is immediately greeted by a striking space filled with countless samples of natural wood. The spacious, two-story atrium begins a half-floor below ground, with a skylight over the second-floor office. The first-floor showroom and workspace, which is reached by descending four steps, includes a ledge below the wrap-around shelves that serves as a table where designers and clients can handle samples in an inspiring, uplifting space. Throughout the building, windows are kept to a minimum to enhance the experience of being surrounded by wood.

▼二层办公室概览,overall of the Office on the upper floor © Akito Goto

▼办公室里的工作场景,working scene in the office © Akito Goto

▼隐藏式天窗与开窗增强了整体木质空间氛围,The humble skylights and window enhance the overall wood atmosphere © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼天窗与开窗细部,details of the skylights and window © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼楼梯与展示架细部,details of the staircase and the shelves © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼台阶细部,details of the staircase steps © Hiroshi Mizusaki

▼平面图,plans © KATORI archi+design associates

▼剖面图,section © KATORI archi+design associates

Project outline:
Project Name : MARUHON FUKUOKA Office & Showroom
Location : 5-1, Josuidori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
Site Area : 71.61 m2
Building Area : 43.71 m2
Total floor Area: 83.34m2
Structure:Wooden Structure
Completion Date : January, 2020
Project credits:
Architectural design : Takenori Katori / KATORI archi+design associates
Photography: Loop Photo Creative /Hiroshi Mizusaki,goto photo office/Akito Goto
Designer Information:
KATORI archi+design associates (
Address : 4-31-6 domusKinutakoen 402, Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0073, Japan
Project Team
Structural design: KAP Inc.
Equipment design : yamada machinery office
Lighting design : LIGHTDESIGN Inc.
Client : MARUHON Inc.
Contractor : KUROKI.Construction Co,Ltd.

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