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Martim is a Portuguese voyage experience, a stage between land and water

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Martim is a Portuguese riverside restaurant. Its location and menu spark off the associations with the voyages of geographical exploration. In Martim’s cuisine Portuguese classics mingle with the great culinary inspirations derived from India, Brazil or Japan. A carefully compiled Portuguese wine list perfectly complements the chef’s own signature menu.

▼河畔的餐厅,a riverside restaurant ©PION Studio

▼餐厅外观,exterior view ©PION Studio


The colour palette vividly evokes the shades and tones of Portugal. Bright ocean green, deep red echoing the rich Portuguese wine culture and beige hues in the form of a cork – a material originating in the south of Portugal.

▼吧台区,bar area ©PION Studio

▼软木和钢制酒柜,cork and steel  cabinets ©PION Studio

▼用餐空间概览,dining area ©PION Studio


In addition to a well-defined colour scheme, the interior design features a specific functional layout. Completely open kitchen which can be seen by the glass facade marks an unpretentious character of the venue. The chef’s table situated by the restaurant’s entrance, at the front of the kitchen, gives a chance to chat to the chef and watch the team work.

▼开放式厨房, open kitchen ©PION Studio


All materials and equipment – steel wine cabinets, industrial bar, terrazzo floor and ceramic tiles – make the area have a rough climate of the docks. This zone is connected with the dining area by a cork cladded sideboard with burgundy finished geometrical divisions to provide a distinctive buffer between the two zones.

▼吧台和酒柜, cabinets and bar ©PION Studio

▼吧台和酒柜细节,bar and cabinet details ©PION Studio


The dining area is situated at the back of the restaurant. Due to the glazed windows facing three directions, it draws the sceneries of the river and the town into the restaurant. The mirror wall panels reflect the panoramic views of Wrocław and incorporate them into the venue, makes the impression that there is no boundary between the interior and the exterior. The long teak wood boards of the floor looking like a ship deck and the perforated dark green ceiling reflecting the river Odra waves enhance the impact of the surrounding water.

▼用餐区,dining area ©PION Studio

▼镜面墙板反映出弗罗茨瓦夫的城市全景,the mirror wall panels reflect the panoramic views of Wrocław ©PION Studio

▼家具细节,furniture details ©PION Studio


▼餐具和视觉设计,visual identity and tableware design ©PION Studio

Visual identity and tableware make integral parts of the design. The colours and materials correspond to the interior. The artwork complements the concept as it invokes the elements of modern travelling – tickets and timetables. The white crockery was made to a special order by a Portuguese artisan potter who was also the author of the shoal of ceramic fish hanging on a glowing glass cube in the corner window of the restaurant. Martim is a Portuguese voyage experience, a stage between land and water. The interior which grants the status of equal presence to the outside world without any complexes. A place, where the feeling of intimacy subtly merge with and the view from the window.

▼餐厅夜间立面和发光鱼群装置,facade view by night with a glowing glass cube ©PION Studio

▼河岸视角,riverside view ©PION Studio

▼平面图,plan ©BUCK.STUDIO

▼剖面图A-A,section A-A ©BUCK.STUDIO

▼剖面图B-B,section B-B ©BUCK.STUDIO

▼剖面图C-C,section C-C ©BUCK.STUDIO

project: MARTIM
adress: Pomorska 1B, Wrocław
area: 225 sqm
capacity: 68 seats
year: 2019
key materials: painted steel / cork / ceramic tiles / mirror / teak boards / terrazzo
photos: PION Studio

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