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A miniature colorful town

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擅长用色彩进行设计的emmanuelle moureaux给我们分享了他们设计的一间位于购物中心里,却宛如家一般温暖的五彩日间托儿所—“妈妈的微笑”。项目中,小小房屋的形状出现在各处,就连入口的形状也不例外。内部五彩斑斓的世界让人感到温馨,小小房屋状的隔墙,门洞,窗口让这里看上去就像是一个微型的城镇。建筑师希望多彩的空间能够激发孩子们的想象和帮助孩子们成长。空间中有各种活动区域:派对区,游戏区,奔跑区以及为婴儿准备的带有厚厚垫子的爬行区。这些区域被尖顶房屋形状的隔墙区分开,保持彼此的独立却又相连。



“Mama smile” is an indoor playground facility for families located inside the shopping mall. Emmanuelle developed a new brand concept and the interior design, a new family facility has opened in Mito composed of a playground and a day nursery. Although located inside the shopping mall, it gives a sense of security like being in a comfortable home.

Entrance to the playground has a cut-out opening on a white wall, like a shape of a house drawn by a small child. Behind the opening is a colorful world, with houses in 7 colors in the shades of yellow, pink, green, and blue. It is like a miniature town for visitors, with a feeling of being inside a comfortable home. The layout does not give a full view the whole playground, with the colorful houses dividing the space, it encourages curiosities to discover from the gap of the back alleys and between the houses. In addition, it is hoped that the colorful space will help with the growth of the mind of the child from the viewpoint of “iro-iku” (iro-iku is a Japanese word, which describes a method of using the effect of color to bring up “concentration”, “imagination” and “communication” of a child).


Playground is composed of several areas of different functions. “Area for Everyone (minna-no-hiroba)” is available for various events such as birthday parties, “Area for events (ibento-hiroba)” for game and dance events, the area with air jumper equipments give space for children to run around, and the “Area for Crawling (hai-hai-hiroba)” for babies and the adjacent cafe space with floor cushion is for adults to stay on the same eye level as the children.

These areas are gently divided by the houses, letting visitors to spend time while feeling each other’s presence as each area is connected with the whole naturally.

“Mama smile” is a place where adults can watch over children playing freely in peace, and it is hoped that the children will build up the rich sensibility in the space full of colors.








PLABI Co., Ltd.

Designer information
emmanuelle moureaux (emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design)
Address : Tounkyo Bldg 3F, 1-14-14 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 JAPAN

Design : emmanuelle moureaux (emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design)
Photograph : Daisuke Shima / Nacasa & Partners

Project outline
Location : Roseo Mito Shopping Mall, Mito, Ibaragi Prefecture, JAPAN
Area : 459 m2
Open : November 1st 2014


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