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项目要对一间位于马德里Arturo Soria街区的70平米复式公寓进行改造。最开始的住宅分为两层,一层有许多分区,包含门厅、厨房、客厅、餐厅、储藏室等日间功能;上层为私密空间,设有两间卧室和一间浴室。如何优化空间的利用是项目的主要挑战。为此,设计计划将一层的客厅和厨房连接在了一起,并增加一间厕所。

The project seeks to transform a 70m2 duplex located in the neighbourhood of Arturo Soria, Madrid. In origin the house was organized on two levels: a very compartmentalized ground floor which held the day areas: hall, kitchen, living room, pantry and storage spaces, and a private upper floor, with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The challenge of this intervention was to optimize the use of the space by connecting the living room and the kitchen while adding a toilet on the ground floor.

▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©Amores Pictures


To achieve this, we removed the partitions and pack the technical elements, toilet and storage spaces to articulate the resulting continuous space through a central birch element. This exempt piece, that holds bookshelves to the living room and appliances to the kitchen, becomes the lead of the intervention.

▼空间中部的家具连接厨房和客厅,furniture in the center connecting the living room and the kitchen ©Amores Pictures

▼面向客厅一侧的书架,bookshelf facing the living room ©Amores Pictures

▼面向厨房一侧设置各类家电,appliances on the kitchen side ©Amores Pictures

▼厨房,kitchen ©Amores Pictures

▼从厨房看向客厅,view to the living room from the kitchen ©Amores Pictures


In addition, two other strategies are implemented to enhance the continuity of the domestic space. We hide in the central piece of furniture two sliding doors that allow us to divide the living room and the kitchen. These glass and birch panels maintain a transparent division in the main space of the house, without losing its continuity. Furthermore, we treat the materiality of the floor differently by linking the living room and the kitchen through a continuous bamboo flooring and using porcelain mate tiles on stairs, bathrooms, laundry and pantry to accentuate the transition between the different areas.

▼透明的滑门,transparent sliding door ©Amores Pictures

▼不同材质的铺地区分空间,space defined by different floorings ©Amores Pictures

▼楼梯边新增的卫生间,additional toilet beside the staircase ©Amores Pictures


Thus, we unify and connect the day area of the house, accentuating its fluidity by articulating the space through a single element: the central birch piece of furniture.

▼卫生间和浴室,toilet and bathroom ©Amores Pictures

▼细部,details ©Amores Pictures

▼平面图,plans ©MINIMO

▼中央家具立面和剖面图,elevation and section of the central furniture ©MINIMO

▼楼梯立面和剖面,elevation and section of the staircase ©MINIMO

▼厨房立面和剖面图,elevation and section of the kitchen ©MINIMO

▼卫生间立面图,elevations of the toilet ©MINIMO

Architecture: MINIMO | Alberto Rubial Alonso, Sergio Sánchez Grande
Collaborators: Clara Domínguez Gallardo
Photography: Amores Pictures
Contact: minimo.prohola@minimo.pro

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