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Beyond satisfying an architectural function, the program of this residence responds to a superior need: the holistic quest of full communion and interaction with the enveloping and traversing nature. Located in Playa Blanca, Lyons Garden is set up surrounding a central garden that takes over everything.

▼项目鸟瞰,Aerial view ©Claudio Napolitano


▼从走廊看向花园和冥想室,View from the hallway to the garden and meditation room ©Claudio Napolitano

▼从入口看向卧室,Look into the bedroom from the entrance ©Claudio Napolitano

The two interior volumes are connected by a passageway, which proposes a path full of contrasts and surprises: at times it is possible to contemplate the garden, the sea and even some plays of shadows produced by the gray concrete and the red tepetate in complicity with the light. This corridor leads to the stairs that head to a gazebo where it is possible to contemplate the sky, the stars and the immenseness of the ocean.

▼冥想室周围的自然环境,The natural environment around the meditation room ©Claudio Napolitano

▼环绕在房间周围的走廊和花园,Corridors and gardens surround the rooms ©Claudio Napolitano

▼冥想空间与凉亭交角,The meditation space intersects with the pavilion ©Claudio Napolitano


▼冥想室外部概览,Overview of the meditation outdoors ©Claudio Napolitano

▼两个建筑体之间有一条通往凉亭的楼梯,A staircase leads to a pavilion between the two buildings ©Claudio Napolitano

▼一条泳道融入泳池,淡化了内外部空间的界限,A lane blends into the pool, diluting the boundaries of the interior and exterior Spaces ©Claudio Napolitano

The residence has two bedrooms, bathrooms with interior gardens, a studio, a multi-purpose room and an extraordinary meditation area with ocean view. Due to a remarkable circular opening in the deck of this room, the rain, the wind, the light and the natural habitat are freely and fluidly integrated in this space. Also, a swimming lane integrates into the pool and operates as an alternative access to this area while it dilutes the limits between interior and exterior spaces: there are no borders, the inside is the outside.

▼冥想室让人能够于此静静感受微风、聆听雨滴、沐浴日光,Meditation rooms allow people to quietly feel the breeze, listen to the rain, bathe in the sun ©Claudio Napolitano

▼冥想室天顶独特的圆形开口,Unique circular openings in the zenith of the meditation room ©Claudio Napolitano


The exceptional features of the project provide Lyons Garden with a monumental yet light character at the same time. But, above all, they seek to generate experiences of absolute connection and harmony between its inhabitants and nature as they extend an invitation to contemplate the peace that can only be found in the present time, when we open ourselves to live the here and now.

▼内部空间细部,Internal space details ©Claudio Napolitano

▼混凝土屋檐细部,Concrete eaves details ©Claudio Napolitano

▼楼梯细部,The stairs detail ©Claudio Napolitano

▼轴测图,Axonometric drawing ©CO-LATERAL

▼平面图,Plan ©CO-LATERAL

▼立面&剖面,Elevation & Section ©CO-LATERAL

Project : Lyons Garden
Design: Colectivo Lateral de Arquitectura
Team: Camilo Moreno Oliveros, Hector Campagna Oliveros, Daniel Moreno Ahuja
Interior design: LIA (Laboratorio de Interiorismo y Apropiación)
Location: Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico
Area: 750 sq.m.
Photography: Claudio Napolitano


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