A pavilion made from scaffolding and IKEA curtains

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位于科威特的非营利组织Nuqat邀请Toggle工作室为他们的“人力资本2018”文化论坛创造一个户外空间。场地在科威特城新开业的Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad文化中心的露天广场上。客户希望以新颖的方式创造一种轻质、柔软、可延展的空间。这个展示空间可以给不同的活动使用。设计师分析了这些活动以及活动中的人体参数。

Studio Toggle was invited by Nuqat, a nonprofit organization based in Kuwait to create an outdoor space for their cultural forum “The Human Capital 2018”. The location given was the outdoor plaza of the newly opened Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre in Kuwait City. The design of the pavilion stemmed from a desire to create a lightweight, soft and malleable space habitable in novel ways. The pavilion is meant to be colonized based on the activities that it will accommodate. These activities were analyzed and broken down into its anthropometric parameters.



These parameters then informed the various taxonomies of voids that catered to the programmed activities and were mapped on to a modular grid. A low-tech, cost-efficient, incremental, modular system was developed using re-usable construction scaffolding and laser-cut IKEA drapes. The voids created by the subtractive operations on the stacked drapes are taxonomized into activity facilitators and occupied as such. A modular grid 3x3M grid is made from construction scaffolding and IKEA drapes are cut and arranged in a pattern derived from a parametric algorithm. The differences in height and width result in people reacting to the spaces in different ways and colonizing it intuitively.

▼用IKEA布帘和脚手架制成的空间,space made from IKEA drapes and scaffolding



During the night, the lit pavilion changes its ambience and makes for a dynamic space. Light is used as a sculptural medium to elevate the perception of both the grid and space. It frames and defines the way the users engage with the pavilion. The pavilion represents an up cycled habitat generated from a utilitarian and modular grid system.

▼夜晚的展示亭,the pavilion at night


▼空间截面与活动分类,taxonomising the void

▼模块化生产,modular fabrication

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