LOOP Immersive Sound Lounge by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality Group for L-Acoustics Creations

Project Specs

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L-Acoustics 作为全球高端音响领域的领导者,与世界上最知名的表演艺术中心和音乐厅合作。公司内部部门L-Acoustics Creations,正在开发沉浸式虚拟现实音响设备技术,其具有无与伦比的声音特质和世界领先级水平,可适用于住宅,文化和体验空间。L-Acoustics的音频解决方案最初是为专业场馆打造的,现在已被重新设计为一个环岛状、带有多声道平台的“私享礼堂”。


L-Acoustics is the global leader in premium audio, collaborating with the world’s most renowned performing arts centres and music venues. L-Acoustics Creations – a division within the company – is developing sound technologies with an unrivalled sonic signature and advanced Immersive Hyperreal Sound for residential, cultural and experiential spaces. Originally created for professional venues, L-Acoustics’ audio solutions have been reconfigured as the Island, a personal auditorium with a multichannel platform.

▼环形沉浸式音响休息室,loop Immersive Sound Lounge

休息室的标志性版本——LOOP——是L-Acoustics Creations与Zaha Hadid VR Group (ZHVR)的首次合作,后者专门从事各类研究,致力于探索新兴沉浸式技术的可能性。LOOP将L-Acoustics的沉浸式声音艺术(L-ISA)的最高分辨率音频与ZHA的标志性设计语言和工作室不断发展的创新概念相结合。

The Island’s signature edition – LOOP – is the first collaboration between L-Acoustics Creations and Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality Group (ZHVR), a specialist research unit within Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) dedicated to exploring the new possibilities of emerging immersive technologies. LOOP marries the highest resolution audio of L-Acoustics’ Immersive Sound Art (L-ISA) with ZHA’s signature design language and the studio’s ongoing development of innovative new concepts.

▼休息室的标志性版本——LOOP,the Island’s signature edition – LOOP

LOOP流畅的外观下隐藏着一系列尖端硬件和软件。 L-ISA Bubbles技术通过回放,能完全再现当代专业录音技术的丰富层次和多维特征,使其回归到音乐的本质。 BluBubbles采用专有的Blu 23.1格式编码,在个人环境中提供高规格的音乐会级体验。

Concealed beneath LOOP’s fluid exterior is an array of cutting-edge hardware and software. L-ISA Bubbles technology goes back to the fundamentals of musical reproduction by ensuring playback fully restores the richly layered, multidimensional characteristics of contemporary professional recording. Encoded in the proprietary Blu 23.1 format, BluBubbles delivers a powerful concert-level experience within a personal environment.

▼流畅的外观下隐藏着一系列尖端硬件和软件,an array of cutting-edge hardware and software hidden in the fluid exterior


Listening to faultless audio of unprecedented clarity, dynamics and realism via 24 independent channels, LOOP enables users to experience sound from the perspective of the artist or to be become totally immersed in the most realistic audio while watching a movie.

▼24个独立声道可聆听前所未有的完美音频,audio of unprecedented clarity, dynamics and realism via 24 independent channels


ZHVR has drawn inspiration from natural forms and contemporary engineering to define LOOP’s curvilinear geometries which seamlessly incorporate L-Acoustics` technology while elevating the unit off the ground as if floating. Integrated lighting accentuates this effect and modulates illumination according to use.

▼抬升的装置如同漂浮在空中,the elevating unit off the ground as if floating


LOOP is available in a variety finishes ranging from hand-crafted wood to carbon fibre; its detailing and selection of materials designed to provide optimal acoustic performance.

▼多种饰面如实木、碳纤维,a variety finishes ranging from hand-crafted wood to carbon fibre


A ZHVR pilot project, LOOP’s design process involved VR workflow developed by the group; from initial sketches using immersive modelling software to mixed reality simulations allowing evaluation of the design’s ergonomics and materiality. At any point within its development process, all iterations, including the technological collaborator’s input, could be presented to the client as immersive, high-definition VR demonstrations.

▼细部,the details

▼三视图,three-view drawing

Project Team: Zaha Hadid Virtual Reality (ZHVR) Group
Design team: Aleksandra Mnich, Leonid Krykhtin, Helmut Kinzler

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