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在清晨又或是深夜,繁忙的机场内人们脚步匆匆,妄图追赶上因不舍离开而耽误的每一分一秒,而笨重的行李在这时成为了最大的累赘,似乎要让旅途中所有美好的时光全部化为乌有。然而在马德里,这令人身心俱疲的回忆将成为历史。西班牙第一家连锁储物店 Lock & Be Free现已开业,旅游者可以根据自己的需求确定储物柜的租赁时长,真正解放他们的双手,轻松地游览城市。

Very early in the morning or very late at night. Crowded airports. An idyllic journey overcast with having to drag a heavy suitcase while grasping the last minutes in town… In Madrid this is history!

As travelers, we can shout our cry of freedom from the depths of our hearts: “We are free!” In the heart of the capital, in Madrid, the first Spanish chain stores of urban lockers have just opened: Lock & Be Free. Travelers can rent lockers with flexible hours, solving these impasses in which one is left hand in hand with his/her suitcase, with no place to leave it.

▽ 储物店外观,external view

001-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

Lock & Be Free的第一家分店位于游客众多的Gran Vía大街,而位于歌剧院和拉丁区的分店也将于夏季开放。25公斤以下的行李可以储存在储物柜中,而个人储存室将可用于放置大件行李。此外,店铺内还提供诸如手机充电,票务预订,免费 Wi-Fi和登机牌打印等便民服务。

Lock & Be Free has opened its first store near the touristic street Gran Vía, in Calle Jardines, 11, and the other stores in Opera and La Latina are scheduled for early summer. In all of them, the travelers can store their hand luggage in lockers, weighing up to 25 kg, and also they will have access to a private storage room for larger luggage.

They also offer a range of services to make life easier for travelers: mobile chargers, immediate booking in-store or online (coming soon online), which are very affordable. The traveler also has access to free Wi-Fi and a printing service for boarding passes.

▽ 内部空间,interior

003-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

▽ 内部向外视角,view to the outside

004-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio


The atmosphere in the store radiates surprisingly good vibes: a modern urbane interior, yellow and white colors, exhaling freshness and joy. The challenge of our studio was to shape the brand concept, “Leave your luggage, live the city”, and rejuvenate the image of the old and cliché lockers (with its poorly lit and narrow aisles full of gray lockers). The universe of the brand Lock & Be Free and its interior design scheme combines highly topical colors and materials: white peg boards, yellow lockers flanked by a circular font, a typical airport rubber floor and a powerful set of lights transmitting a lot of positive energy. The matte and glossy materials achieve the desired bulky look to an extremely small space, only 26 m2, but in which one feels at ease.

▽ 亮丽的色彩颠覆传统阴暗、狭窄、沉闷储物空间, the  yellow and white colors rejuvenate the image of the old and cliché lockers

005-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

009-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio     010-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

无数的小细节进一步确定了轻松而让人愉悦的氛围,保证了空间与使用者的互动。Wanna One studio用简单易懂的图示解释了储物柜的使用流程,让远道而来的客人无需陷于语言的困扰。同样,城市的气温天气、回到机场所需时间以及所有服务的价目表都展示在墙面之上,一目了然。

Everything in that place is reigned by dialogue and a pleasant atmosphere. For travelers who go through life lost in translation, Wanna One studio has provided a simple icon-based signposting so travelers can guide themselves on their own and can feel at ease at all times. At a glance you can check the weather of the day in the Spanish capital, the average time to get back to the airport and the prices for the provided services.

▽ 简单易懂的图示, simple icon-based signposting

002-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

008-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

006-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio     007-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

Lock & Be Free让旅游者无需再受马德里古老鹅卵石街道的颠簸之苦,卸下重担的他们终于可以探索、寻访城市的每一个角落,尽享美好的时光。

Thanks to Lock & Be Free we can say goodbye to travelers dragging trolleys through the cobbled streets of Madrid and welcome travelers free of baggage, extra weight and ties. Enthusiasts of making the most of a destination definitely appreciate it.

012-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio     011-Lock & Be Free by Wanna One Studio

Project: Lock & Be Free
Author : Wanna One / Esther Mengual + Cathy Figueiredo
Project scope: Branding, Communication and Interior design
Location: Jardines 11, Madrid (Spain)
Execution: 2016
Space of intervention: 30 m2
Photography: Caulin Photos

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