Lantern lighting series By Mario Tsai

To evoke people’s old memories of behavior by a modern styling.

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Lantern 系列灯具包括吊灯、台灯、落地灯,灵感来自于中国传统照明工具——灯笼,而在造型上将其简化为纯粹的线条。每一个胶囊形的金属框架部分为完全相同的单元体,通过替换其他配件就可组装出吊灯、台灯或落地灯。这大大缩减了生产和库存成本。

Lantern lighting series include pendant lamp, desk lamp and floor lamp. Inspired by ancient Chinese portable lanterns, the styling is simplified to pure lines. The capsule shaped metal parts are identical units.Users can give lamps different uses by replacing other components,which can reduce reduce costs of production and inventory.


灯罩有玻璃、金属网两种可选材质,以满足不同光照需求及不同装修风格。有色玻璃可以营造一个较为通透的光线氛围,而金属网灯罩则可以通过影响光影来柔和光线。Lantern 系列灯具可用于商业空间的装饰,如餐厅、商铺、活动中心等,亦可用于家装。 此次设计是对传统照明方式再设计的一次尝试。设计师意在用更为现代的造型唤起人们对过去行为的记忆。

There are two kinds of optional material lampshades,glass and metal mesh, so as to meet the needs of different lighting intensity and different decoration styles. Colored glass creates a transparent atmosphere,while metal mesh soften the light by affecting shadow. This series of lamps can be used for decorating commercial space like restaurant, and can also be used for daily home decoration. This is an attempt to redesign traditional lighting methods.The designer is intended to evoke people’s old memories of behavior by a modern styling.












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