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▼剧场概览,project overview ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

“Climbing the ladder – party theater”: use the ladder to open the party. Aiyuan Town is a small town that grows fruit trees. The ladder is the most important production tool for every household. It comes with local behavior symbols. In order to integrate into the local life, based on the form of assembly, the ladder and the drying frame for busy farming are the main elements of the theater. Each household carries tools and materials to the pear garden to build or disassemble together to form a mobile assembly theater.

▼剧场俯视图,top view of the theater ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼剧场鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the theater ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼村里的红瓦房顶,幻化为剧场的红帐篷,the red tile roof in the village turns into a red tent for the theater ©CBC萧剑

▼梯子为模块化单元,任意装配与拆卸,ladder as a modular unit, free to assemble and disassemble ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼以梨木为主要材料,经过防腐处理,环保耐用,pear wood as the main material, after anti-corrosion treatment, environmentally friendly and durable ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼整体圆形环绕使结构稳固,round wrap makes the structure firm ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学


The main structure is composed of a bottom wooden frame, a triangular support system, a wooden ladder, a steel-wood joint and a strop. Most of the work is done by teachers and students. In order to achieve formal precision, each crossbar is self-contained. The internal plug-in uses a sturdy structure and is matched with super glue to provide a permanent guarantee for the ladder.

▼主体结构以底部木架、三角形支撑体系、木梯、钢木节点与滑索等组成,the main structure is composed of a bottom wooden frame, a triangular support system, a wooden ladder, a steel-wood joint and a strop ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼底部支撑采取三角形受力体系,梯子通过特制钢片与其钻钉结合,安装简易,便于拆卸,the bottom support adopts a triangular force system, and the ladder is combined with the drilled nail through the special steel sheet, which is easy to install and easy to disassemble ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼竖向长杆通过连接滑轮控制顶棚高低,the vertical long rod controls the height of the ceiling through the connecting pulley ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学


▼剧场安装方式,installation method ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

It blends into the original state in a humble way. As time goes by, the four seasons change, and life changes between farming and leisure. With these original intentions, the theater has become a medium for people, people and nature to interact. Both men, women and children can enjoy the fun and agility in the pear garden. Therefore, the detachable assembled theater has also become a device with a life cycle and adapted to the conversion of villagers’ lives. Ladders are the daily life of rural life. From farming tools to theaters, daily activities are active and sublimated. The ladder theater is lightly integrated into the rural space with a lightweight wooden structure; it brings a new architectural experience through the concept of assembly and modularity. It provides a suitable place for the farmer’s leisure time to meet, watch the movie, and perform spontaneously. At the same time, the villagers can develop more uses spontaneously and awaken the life through the theater to revitalize the pear garden. Therefore, whenever night falls and the village falls into silence, the good play in the climbing theater has just begun. The project won the second prize of the UIA-CBC International College Construction Competition in 2019.

▼夜幕降临后,村民们开始在剧场中活动,the villagers occupy the theater when night falls ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼剧场可满足放映、集会、演唱等需求,the theater can meet the needs of screening, assembly, singing, etc. ©CBC萧剑

▼单元彼此拼搭形成秩序美,monomers work together to form a beautiful order ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼平面图,floor plan ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

▼剖面图,section ©山东建筑大学 + 中国文化大学

项目设计 & 完成年份:2019 & 2019

Project name: Ladder-party theater
Design: Shandong Jianzhu University & China Culture University
Design year & Completion Year: 2019 & 2019
Instructor : Jin Wenzhao, Shen Jian, Han Linhai,Zhang Xiaotong
Team members : Sun Shibo, Chen Yutao, Cao Boyuan, Zhou Yang, Li Xiaodong, Bai Zhiyuan, Kong Qingqiu, Zhou Huiyun, Du Shaoyang, Sori,Ni Liyao, Shangguan Yiyi, Lin Yicheng, Yang Yukai, Zeng Ziyi, Bao Hongrui
Project location: Orchard Village, Aiyuan Town, Shuyang County, Jiangsu Province
Gross Built Area (square meters): 100m2
Photo credits: Shandong University of Architecture, China University of Culture, CBC Xiao Jian
Partners: Shandong Construction University Luban Workshop
Clients: Shuyang County People’s Government

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