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The site understood as an urban scenery of the memory with a superposition of different layers that remind us every day that cities are living organisms in constant transformation.
The urban morphology of the old town of Tarragona has as a foundation the roman urban structure, which is still present and organizes inhabitants life’s.

001-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

古罗马广场Concilium Provinciae是位于卫城中心区域的一片城市空间,而Plaça del Rei广场则是该广场的中世纪式变形。

The Plaça del Rei square arises as a result of a medieval transformation of the roman square Concilium Provinciae, an urban space that occupied the mid terrace of the Acropolis of the city.

002-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

003-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

Santíssima Trinitat这栋充满现代感的教堂于19世纪初期的战后环境下在这个富有多重时间性的广场诞生。原先的教堂于法西战争结束之际被离开这座城市的Suchet将军的军队摧毁,这栋巴洛克风格的教堂就在原址上进行了重建。

At the beginning of the 19th century, in a postwar context, was born in this multitemporal square the modern church of the Santíssima Trinitat, a baroque church reconstructed over the original building, that was destroyed by the general Suchet army before leaving the city, at the end of the French war.

015-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures     014-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

004-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures


For the restoration of the façades we propose an intervention that respect the current morphological structure of the monument, considering his austerity as a value, as a result of his circumstances along the history.

005-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures


The intervention is based on discover the different constructive layers and the most singular elements of the church. The project also wants to return the symbolic meaning to the façades discovering different elements and openings that were hidden.

▼ 隐藏的窗口得到恢复,hidden openings are restored

006-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

▼ 材料,materiality

012-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures     013-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

方案的第二阶段致力于在恢复教堂的同时,希望通过位于Santa Anna街的立面来体现出古罗马广场壁柱的韵律感。希望这一叠加多重时间性的启示性方案也可以让古罗马广场的结构在当下环境中更加明显和容易被理解。

In a second phase of intervention, it is proposed to incorporate in the restoration of the church the representation of the Themenos provincial roman forum pilasters rhythm on the facade wall of Santa Anna’s street, pretending with this pedagogical intervention of temporal superposition that the roman Tarraco square structure become more visible and understandable.

▼ 位于Santa Anna街的立面,the facade wall of Santa Anna’s street

007-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

008-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

011-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

▼ 立面被赋予了古罗马广场壁柱的韵律感,the roman forum pilasters rhythm on the facade

019-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

▼ 场地平面,site plan

018-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

▼ 平面,plan

020-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

▼ 立面,elevation

022-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

▼ 落水口,rainfall inlet

025-La Trinitat by NUA Arquitectures

Architects: Maria Rius, Arnau Tiñena, Ferran Tiñena. (NUA Arquitectures)
Collaborators: Josep Anguera.
Location: Tarragona, Catalonia. Spain.
General contractor: Rècop Restauracions arquitectòniques.
Budget: 58.340€
Surface: 490m²
Year: 2015.
Photography: NUA Arquitectures.

Drawings: NUA Arquitectures
English Text: NUA Arquitectures
Chinese Text: gooood

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