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Pure fantasy in the middle of the sea

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La Sastrería餐厅是Masquespacio在巴伦西亚Canyamelar – Cabanyal社区设计的最新一家餐厅。设计灵感源于餐厅主厨Sergio Giraldo和调酒师Cristóbal Bouchet开设属于自己的餐厅的愿景。与Masquespacio设计的大多数项目一样,本次设计也是为了帮助年轻的创业者实现梦想,同时为巴伦西亚赋予一种全新的美食和感官体验。

Masquespacio presents La Sastrería, the last restaurant they designed in Valencia in the Canyamelar – Cabanyal neighborhood.  The design takes its inspiration from the dream of chef Sergio Giraldo and bartender Cristóbal Bouchet to open their own restaurant La Sastrería, with the help of Grupo Gastroadictos. The aim of the project like in most of Masquespacio’s projects has been to fulfill the illusion of a group of young entrepreneurs, seeking to offer a new culinary and sensorial experience in Valencia.

▼餐厅概览,overview ©Masquespacio

餐厅位于巴伦西亚一个叫做Canyamelar – Cabanyal的滨海街区,其设计以主厨Sergio的菜品为灵感,共分为第三个部分。第一部分是酒吧区域,从建筑和当地人的生活方式两个层面上强调了社区本身的特征。在最温暖的时节,邻居们会拿着椅子坐在街边,一边呼吸着新鲜空气,一边聚在一起谈天说地。

“我们试图在室内空间重现这样的氛围,包括他们从家里带到街上的那些塑料椅子。”Masquespacio的创意总监Ana Hernández如此解释。

Located in the maritime neighborhood from Valencia called Canyamelar – Cabanyal, the restaurant designed by Masquespacio is divided in three parts, with a special reference to Sergio’s food. Thus, in the first part we can find a bar that highlights the neighborhood itself, not only through its architectural references, but also its locals and their way of living. This way it represents the act of taking fresh air (Tomar la Fresca) during the warmest days, when the neighbors get on the streets with their chairs from home and come together for a chit chat.

Ana Hernández, creative director from Masquespacio: “We tried to recreate the habit from the neighbors in the interior, amongst others through the reinterpretation of the plastic chairs they are used to take from their homes to the streets.”

▼酒吧区域,bar area ©Masquespacio

由定制瓷砖构成的图案呼应了周围建筑的外墙设计。吧台的独特装饰和图形使其看上去如同一座独立建筑的外墙。人们的目光被聚焦到酒吧中央,琳琅满目的酒品被用于制作La Sastrería餐厅招牌鸡尾酒。特别地,Sergio的食物选择以当地街区和海产品为依据,在传统烹饪的基础上加以适度的创新。

The design shows patterns made with customized tiles that reinterpret the façades from the neighborhood. A special attention has been given to the bar that looks like a façade on its own with its ornaments and singular figures. In the middle we can see how the attention is centered on the selection of spirits that will be used for the cocktails, being the specialty from Cristóbal and La Sastrería. It should also be noted that in this space Sergio’s food selection is made of references from the neighborhood and products from the sea, always with a traditional focus, slightly reinvented.

▼定制瓷砖墙面,the customized tile walls ©Masquespacio


On the other hand, we have the second part of the restaurant in which the most authentic sea food made by Sergio is clearly the main attraction point of the venue. Hereby, the design recreates a huge wave that grows toward the kitchen and is traduced into a sculpture made of ceramic pieces. The floors of artisan ceramic in white and blue makes us experience the division between the water and the sand of the sea, while the chairs designed for the space are a reference to the fishing boats. Ana Hernández, creative director from Masquespacio: “Here we wanted to create a scene focused on the kitchen, submerging the whole restaurant like if you are in the middle of the sea, directed towards the most important part of the space. It’s pure fantasy like Sergio’s dishes.”

▼从用餐区望向厨房 ©Masquespacio
view from the dining area towards the kitchen

▼座椅参照了渔船的意象 ©Masquespacio
the chairs designed for the space are a reference to the fishing boats

the “ huge wave” hanging above the dining area ©Masquespacio

the floors of artisan ceramic in white and blue makes us experience the
division between the water and the sand of the sea ©Masquespacio


Last, behind the kitchen the storage spaces are designed as a fish market.  Concerning the materials there was a main approach to use tiles in two different ways: custom-made with prints designed by Masquespacio for the bar zone, next to the handmade clay + ceramic tiles for the restaurant.

▼用餐区细节,dining area detailed view ©Masquespacio

▼透过雕塑看向厨房 ©Masquespacio
view to the kitchen through the sculpture

Client: La Sastrería (
Instagram: @lasastreriavalencia
Design: Masquespacio (
Instagram: @masquespacio_ana
Instagram: @masquespacio_chris
Photography: Masquespacio
Surface: 200 m2
Opening: August 2020
Suppliers & Materials:
Contractor: ATG
Customized Furniture: Design by Masquespacio, Local Production Customized Lighting: Design by Masquespacio, Local Production
Handmade Tiles Restaurant: Design by Masquespacio, Production Vicente Camp
Printed Tiles Bar: Design by Masquespacio, Production Leo-poldo Mora
Wave Sculpture: Design Masquespacio, Production Vicente Camp
Technical Lighting: Arkoslight
Upholstery: Grapes

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