La Concordia Amphitheater by colab-19

Scaffolding installation responding to the epidemic.

Project Specs


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Bogotá is a city that has been gravely affected by the pandemic, not only has the city had one of the longest forced quarantines since the beginning of the pandemic, but it is a city where the vast majority of the population cannot work from home. This has led to an internal socio-economic crisis where several sectors have been gravely damnified. As an example, 40% of the cities restaurants have been forced to shut down leaving thousands unemployed. As such, On the 4th of September, the local government launched the program “Bogota a cielo abierto” the reopening of 100 streets for outdoor dining and reactivate their services.

▼项目外观,external view of the project © Alberto Roa

在推进恢复经济部门倡议的过程中,当地政府与哥伦比亚建筑师协会推荐的设计团队取得联系,进行La Concordia露天剧场的设计工作。设计团队从之前的作品La Perse中总结经验,得出它之所以成功的原因是通过脚手架实现了“垂直距离”的理念,这大大增长了Perseverancia市场在疫情期间的容客量。

Moving forward in the initiative to reactivate economic sectors in the city of Bogotá, the local government contacted the design team summoned by the Colombian Society of Architects to carry out the designs for “La Concordia: Amphitheater”. Learning from their previous intervention, “La Perse”, the team concluded that the success of their previous design was due to the concept of vertical distancing through scaffolding systems. This significantly helped the Perseverancia Market Plaza increase table capacity during pandemic times.

▼脚手架实现了“垂直距离”的理念,scaffolds achieving the concept of vertical distancing © Alberto Roa

当Concordia市场联系哥伦比亚建筑师协会在其空地建造与Perseverancia市场类似的装置时,设计团队就知道他们想要与La Perse类似的设计。两个市场的功能差异致使装置采用不同的设计。Perseverancia市场只有美食功能,而Concordia市场有多种用途,包括剧院和美术馆等商业和娱乐功能。

As such, when the Concordia Market Plaza contacted the Colombian Society of Architects to develop a similar installation in their open spaces, the team knew they were asking for a similar design to “La Perse”. The main difference between the two market plazas, and the resulting design, was due to their difference in uses. In the Perseverancia Market, there are only uses related to gastronomy, conversely, the Concordia plaza has diverse uses dedicated to commerce and entertainment (theater & art gallery).

▼多种用途,diverse uses © Colab-19


Therefore, Colab-19 concluded that the new design should show the diverse uses and cultural significance present in the plaza. Consequently, the envisioned design was a flexible amphitheater able to offer outdoor dining, retail, and entertainment activities. The typology of the structure in “U” shape is open to the entrance of the building, enhancing the facade as the principal scenario able to host any performance, concert, or even a religious event thanks to the flexibility proposed by the architects.

▼装置可以提供户外餐饮、零售和娱乐活动场地,the installation can offer outdoor dining, retail, and entertainment activities © Alberto Roa

▼举办音乐会的场景,scene of concert © Alberto Roa

装置的一层平台设有向公众开放的零售商店。美食空间采用“人居阶梯”概念,使二层室外餐厅的桌子之间保持适当的间距。经过La Perseverancia项目,设计团队意识到装置是私有化的公共空间,因此在该装置的顶部创造出向公众开放的无障碍屋顶,使每个公民都能欣赏波哥大的全景。

The first platform of the structure is open to the public with local retail shops. In regards to the gastronomic uses of the plaza, the concept of “inhabitable staircase” allows the outdoor dining on the second floor to have appropriate physical distancing between tables. One thing the team learned from the previous project, “La Perseverancia”, was that the installation itself was privatizing public space. This led the architects to create the top of the Concordia structure an accessible rooftop open to the public. Making it possible for every citizen to enjoy the panoramic view of Bogota.

▼二层室外餐厅,outdoor dining on the second floor © Alberto Roa

▼向公众开放的无障碍屋顶,accessible rooftop open to the public © Alberto Roa

▼屋顶外观,external view of the rooftop © Alberto Roa

▼细部,detail © Alberto Roa

▼剖透视,sectional perspective © Colab-19

Project Name: La Concordia Amphitheater
Year: 2020
Area: 154m2
Design Collaborators: Colab-19 + Taller Architects + SCA
Web page:
Instagram: @colab19_arq
Country of office: Colombia / England

Photography by: Alberto Roa

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