LA Chair, China by Wanghe Studio

A stackable chair which structure is inspired by ‘L’ and ‘A’.

Project Specs


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LA Chair是一把可堆叠的休闲椅,为造作基础系列产品而设计。该系列包含曲木和软包两种材质,满足从餐厅、书房到公共空间的不同需求。结构灵感源于英文字母中的‘LA’,因此叫LA Chair – 从侧面看为L形的座面在设计时严格地遵照人体工程学,以保证久坐的舒适性;而剖面形似A的框架结构,不但满足了可堆叠的这一需求,同时两边的把手也暗示着椅子可被轻松移动。该结构不但保证了结构稳固性,同时包装的尺寸几乎被压缩到不到椅子二分之一的尺寸,方便了物流及仓储。该项目目前已量产。

A stackable chair is designed for ZAOZUO basic collection. It comes in wood and upholstery versions, covering needs from dinning room to public environment. The name LA Chair highlights the structure inspired by alphabet ‘L’ and ‘A’ . The seat (shaped L) strictly follows ergonomics, while the metal structure (profile shaped A) with lifting bar ensures that the chair can be easily moved around. Thanks to this structure, the chair’s packing is reduced to half of the its size, which benefits both inventory and logistics.


软包版 / Upholstery Version

▼可用在会议室等公共空间。LA Chair can also be in the public space such as conference room.

▼面料边缘的拉链不但起到装饰作用,同时还强调着L这一结构特色。The zip alone the edge decos the chair while highlights the L-shape structure.


木质版 / Wood Version

▼椅子有白与黑两色之选,且能轻松胜任不同空间的使用需求。Coming in black or while, the chair can easily fit into various environments.

▼椅子可堆叠,节省空间且容易收纳。The chair is stackable, for space-saving and easy-storage.

▼可用作工作椅(暖暖新家-集装箱 /上海,点击这里查看更多)LA chair as conference chair (The Smart House in Shanghai, click HERE to view more)

▼在公共空间使用时,LA chair成为了气氛制造者(山水·远景之丘 / 上海)LA chair becomes a mood-maker when used in public space.

设计公司: Wanghe Studio
位置: 中国,北京
材料: 金属,木/软包
文章分类: 家具设计 椅子设计 产品设计

Design firm: Wanghe Studio
Client: ZAOZUO
Location: Beijing, China
Materials: Metal, Wood / Upholstery
Category: Product, Furniture design,
Project Status: In productio
Images courtesy of ZAOZUO

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