Kyneton House by Edition Office

Contemplative home for the autumn stage of the life

Project Specs


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“Our new home is a private sanctuary. It enables and supports our enjoyment of a reflective and contemplative next life-phase within the context of a small rural community.”


Our clients, self-described as being in the autumn years of their lives, were relocating and downsizing away from an expansive rural property. Conscious of reflecting this period of their lives, they hoped the home might capture the qualities and atmosphere of autumnal light, colour and texture.

▼建筑外观,external view of the house ©Ben Hosking


The primary design response was to position the house as a discreet volume within the centre of the site, allowing our clients to envelop the home in a new garden filled with a number of trees relocated from their previous property. A clear geometry was adopted for the plan and section, allowing continuous links to the garden, including the ability to read the full length and width of the site from within.

residence could enjoy unblocked view of  the garden from the interior ©Ben Hosking


The design process began with a single wall gesture, a brickwork element that formed a long cup or recess. This textural wall gesture was arranged to define the boundaries of the home and of the individual rooms, with the recess of each providing a nesting place for seating, a study, kitchen etc. Always returning inwards, this repeating motif formed a thickness to the home’s exterior, providing a deepened reveal to every opening.

▼厚重的砖墙,thick brick walls ©Ben Hosking

recess of the facade created by the brick walls ©Ben Hosking


The home is set well back from the street, allowing for a large garden landscape to be the interface between the house and the public. The sense of mass and mineral of the house reflects the textural and tonal qualities of the surrounding countryside, along with the patination of age seen across many of the buildings of the town, dating back to 1850.

details of the materials with the sense of mineral ©Ben Hosking


Each room is defined by its own lofted ceiling which creates a sense of inner spatial balance to the continuous framed views to the surrounding gardens. These crisp, white ceiling volumes pick up the fluctuating levels of natural daylight, providing the home with a very particularly sense of softness in the quality of the light. A tall skylight shaft that folds to frame a triangular aperture to the sky draws natural daylight into the heart of the house.

▼入口,高耸的白色天花,entrance with lofted white ceiling ©Ben Hosking

hallway, skylight brining natural light into the space ©Ben Hosking

▼从走廊看向客厅,view to the living room from the hall ©Ben Hosking

▼过道细部,details of the hall ©Ben Hosking


Our home far exceeds our “down-size”expectations. Rather, an all-pervasive sense of spaciousness exists. Throughout, beautiful natural materials and textural finishes play with ever changing light to create a colour palette that is, at once, both subtle and warm as the day and time suggests.

▼客厅,光线柔和,living room with soft lifht ©Ben Hosking

▼客厅细部,details of the living space ©Ben Hosking

▼高高的白色天花,lofted white ceiling ©Ben Hosking


“Every room offers connection with outdoors. In this way the garden creates a prized interplay of humanity with nature. On-going contemplation driven by changing seasons promises infinite intrigue.”

▼开放式厨房和餐厅,open kitchen and dining space ©Ben Hosking

▼透过落地窗欣赏花园景观,enjoy the garden landscape through the French window ©Ben Hosking

▼厨房和细部,kitchen and the details ©Ben Hosking

▼书房,study ©Ben Hosking

▼卧室,bedroom ©Ben Hosking


Recycled and texturally finished brick walls, pale low-carbon (high SCM content) concrete floors, galvanised steel roofing are all used to reflect the changing effects of weather and time within the evolving patina of their surface. This celebration of material entropy is then balanced with the precisely folded, ceiling voids that define and light each of the spaces in the home. The house has no AC or mechanical cooling, and instead relies upon orientation, air-flow, shading and thermal mass to mediate internal thermal comfort. An air-exchange heat pump warms the floor slab when required in the cooler months.

▼材料细部,material details ©Ben Hosking


Our ambition for the house is for it to act as a reference point to the passing of time. The internal rooms act as vessels for the changes of light, becoming a canvas for the theatre of change occurring outside. The clarity of its external architectural form situates it as a fixed constant to the garden and to the occupiers who will change, and grow and age through the seasons and years.

▼天花和变化的光线,ceiling and changing light ©Ben Hosking

▼平面图,plan ©Edition Office

▼立面图,elevations ©Edition Office

▼剖面图,sections ©Edition Office

Project Name: Kyneton House
Architecture Firm: Edition Office
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Melbourne, Australia
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 223m2
Project location: Kyneton, VIC, Australia
Lead Architects: Kim Bridgland, Aaron Roberts, Erin Watson
Lead Architects e-mail:,,
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Photo credits: Ben Hosking
Photographer’s website:
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