Kuiper Belt by Katerina Kopytina

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俄罗斯的设计师Katerina Kopytina以星系中看不见的那些星为灵感设计了名叫Kuiper Belt (柯伊伯带)的花盆系列作品,每一盆绿植都象征一个新的星球。大家熟知的冥王星就是柯伊伯带内侧的一颗矮行星。而不久前,Katerina Kopytina同我们一样认为冥王星是太阳系的第九颗行星,但后来事实证明冥王星只是矮行星。同时据说有极高的机率存在着其它的行星,但因为这些行星没有被太阳光照射,导致地球上的我们永远无法观测到他们。



Kuiper 01: Photo Mike Deruzhsky

The Kuiper Belt Project is dedicated to the life forms which haven’t yet been discovered.

The Kuiper Belt is part of our Solar System, and is located beyond the orbit of Neptune. It was due to the discovery of the Kuiper Belt that Pluto lost its status as a planet. Since its discovery in 1992, the number of known Kuiper belt objects has increased to over a thousand, with more than 100,000 others thought to exist. There is a high probability that there is at least one more giant planet waiting to be discovered, however, we will never be able to see it, as the sunlight does not reach it.
Each pot represents a new form of life, which is denoted by its symbol on the bottom of the pot.

Designer: Katerina Kopytina, Russia
Photo credits: Mike Deruzhsky, Crispy Point

Kuiper 02:Photo Mike Deruzhsky

Kuiper 03:Photo Crispy Point.1

Kuiper 04 Photo Mike Deruzhsky

Kuiper 05:Photo Mike Deruzhsky.1

Kuiper 06:Photo Mike Deruzhsky

Kuiper 08:Photo Mike Deruzhsky

Kuiper 09:Photo Mike Deruzhsky

here is more information from the designer:

When I was at school the Pluto was a planet, one of nine. And it felt like anything in this world can change but not this fact. But then the Pluto has lost its status. During nine Earth ears it’s been continuing it’s move as a Dwarf planet. And this year 2015 scientist insistently offered to return Pluto it’s usual definition. The fascinating story is not yet over, and the meantime at the Pluto less then a month passed. But New Horizons spacecraft already flew over it and made a pic.
But who knows where this doubts about Pluto come from?
And here it comes – Kuiper Belt. It’s a sort of a giant asteroid belt which starts right behind Neptune orbit. It was discovered only 23 years ago (1992) and it turned out that there are few more guys like Pluto there. Something had to be done urgently so in 2006, it means 14 years later, the concept of the planet has been revised which reduced the number of planets to eight.
And now the most important part.
When the concept about ‘undiscovered life forms’ was formed and already had the name Kuiper Belt my uncle, the scientist who is studying meteorites and works with NASA, came to visit.
As usual I find the freshest space news with a cup of tea and this is what I get: literally right now scientists have discovered an asteroid that has a strange shifted orbit and it’s spinning not around the Sun as it should be, but around something else. What does it mean? That our home Solar system probably has one more giant planet. And it’s located in the Kuiper Belt.
But we will never be able to see it because the light of the sun doesn’t come up to it, that far it is from us.
Dear Planet or whatever you are – this project is about you.

Designer: Katerina Kopytina, Russia
Photo credits: Mike Deruzhsky, Crispy Point

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