Kokomo Chinatown by September Architecture and Interiors

The curve elements create a social space

Project Specs


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Kokomo is a cafe with a plant-based menu located in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown neighbourhood. The intention of the project was to create a simple and accessible space using natural materials and a modest colour palette that encourages conversation and communal dining.

▼咖啡馆室内概览,overview of the interior space of the cafe ©Vishal Marapon


the communal table and its central planter ©September Architecture and Interiors

The main feature of the space is a single white concrete communal table. The curved shape of the table encourages socializing and conversations between friends and strangers while the large central planter makes it comfortable for solo diners. The planter is clad in dark wood half-rounds and the curved shape of the table is mirrored by the curve of the service counters. Behind the service counter, the kitchen is visible through a large circular pass. This circular pass mirrors the windows of the adjacent heritage buildings and can be seen from the street.

▼公共餐桌、花坛、弧形的服务台和带有圆形窗户的厨房,the communal table, central planter, curved service counter and the kitchen with a circular pass ©Vishal Marapon

▼白色的公共餐桌由混凝土打造而成,花坛采用深色的木制贴面,the white communal table is made of concrete, and the central planter is clad in dark wood ©Vishal Marapon

▼公共餐桌和花坛细节,details of the communal table and central planter ©Vishal Marapon

▼公共餐桌和定制高脚凳细节,details of the communal table and customed stools ©Vishal Marapon


Many original characteristics of the space were left, such as the open facade and stoop as well as the storage mezzanine which is accessed by staff with the help of a ladder. Custom stools and lighting complete the room.

▼保留可借助梯子到达的夹层储存空间,retaining the storage mezzanine which is accessed with the help of a ladder ©Vishal Marapon


The project brief was to create a space that would encourage conversation and socializing amongst guest. The key challenge was to create a space that reflected the clients ambition while also being sensitive to the character of the neighbourhood. Here were the solutions. A key feature of the neighbourhood is the open facades. By adding the folding glass doors the cafe is acclimatized the winter and can be left open in the warmer months without loosing this integral element.

▼咖啡馆的开放式外立面,增加了折叠式玻璃门,the open facade of the cafe with the folding glass doors ©Vishal Marapon

▼平面布置图,floor plan ©September Architecture and Interiors

▼立面图,elevation ©September Architecture and Interiors

▼剖面图,section ©September Architecture and Interiors

Project size: 700 ft2
Completion date: 2017
Project team: September Architecture and Interiors (Interior Design)
Photo: Vishal Marapon

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更多关于他们:September Architecture and Interiors on gooood


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