Kokedama Forest by Nomad Studio

A poetic materialization of the intimate relationship between soil and plants

Project Specs

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苔藓球森林(Kokedama Forest)是国际著名景观建筑和设计工作室Nomad Studio完成的最新项目,在2021年的费城花展上为观众带来了惊喜的体验。费城花展是美国最知名的园艺和园林活动。

Kokedama Forest, the latest project by Nomad Studio, an internationally awarded landscape architecture and design studio, has surprised the crowds during the opening weekend at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2021, the most reputed horticulture and gardening event held in the United States.

▼视频,video © Nomad Studio


The ephemeral installation, a 1,000 SQF miniature sculptural forest consisting of more than 1,200 forestry seedling kokedamas nested within an inverted dome carved out from a fragile and intricate metal network, has received exceptional recognition from both the audience and the organization, being honored with a total of three awards: The Gold Medal, The Governor’s Trophy for the Landscape major exhibit that demonstrates most innovative or unique design and the Special Achievement Award of the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania.

▼装置外观,installation general view © Nomad Studio

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view © Nomad Studio


A sustainable installation with a second life


After its run in the Philadelphia Flower Show, Kokedama Forest will have a second life becoming a part of the collection at NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas. In regards to the hundreds of native seedlings currently on display, they will be adopted by Tyler Arboretum, located in the heart of Delaware County, a historical organization whose mission is to preserve, enhance, and share their heritage, collections, and landscapes, to create and inspire stewards of the natural world.

▼1200多棵苔藓球育苗被嵌入金属网络构成的倒置圆顶 © Nomad Studio
More than 1,200 forestry seedling kokedamas was nested within an inverted dome carved out from a metal network


An important reflection about soil dwellers

重生后的苔藓球森林与它在费城花展上的首次诞生有着同样重要的意义,因其补全了整个雕塑森林的生命周期。Nomad工作室的创始合伙人William E. Roberts和Laura Santín借助这一装置对土壤居住者的重要性进行了视觉性的反思,探讨了他们与植物之间的这种密不可分的关系将如何创造一个适合所有人的栖息环境。

This second act of Kokedama Forest is just as important as its initial installation at the Philadelphia Flower Show since it completes the life cycle of the sculptural micro-woodland. With Kokedama Forest, William E. Roberts and Laura Santín, founding partners of Nomad Studio, make a visual reflection upon the hidden importance of soil dwellers and how their indissoluble partnership with plants creates a suitable habitat for all of us.

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During their visit, guests have been welcomed to enter the micro-woodland and be surrounded by the levitating kokedamas: hundreds of seedlings proudly displaying their intimate relationship with soil supported by a 7.5 feet high three-dimensional metal structure. This assemblage has been woven with steel inviting the contradictory blend of strength and delicacy that is implicit in all living networks.

With this stimulating sculptural micro-forest, Nomad focuses on the fact that soil is one of the key habitats of the planet which too often is undervalued despite being indispensable.

▼装置内部体验,a journey to the internal space © Nomad Studio


Kokedamas as a symbol of the relationship between plants and soil

苔藓球森林是土壤与植物之间的亲密关系的诗意象征,亦是一种富有启发性的自然与艺术的融合。引领全美苔藓球花艺技术的工作室Kazumi Garden为该装置完成了1200个苔藓球的手工制作;金属结构的制造由Timber Forge Woodworks担任;来自当地的专业园林公司Pinelands Nursery则为该项目提供了原生的林业育苗。

Kokedamas are a poetic materialization of the intimate relationship between soil and plants, an inspiring blend of nature and art. Nomad has found in Kazumi Garden, a family business that is at the forefront of the art of kokedamas in the United States, the perfect ally to hand craft the 1,200 kokedamas that are part of the ephemeral installation. Similarly, Nomad counted on Timber Forge Woodworks, the custom design and craft fabrication workshop responsible for the fabrication of the metal structure.Finally, Nomad has collaborated with Pinelands Nursery, specialist in native plants for reforestation, which have supplied the autochthonous forestry seedlings.

▼森林路径,the path in the forest © Nomad Studio

▼自然与艺术的启发性融合,an inspiring blend of nature and art © Nomad Studio

*Kokedama. Kokedamas have their origins in Japan. In the Japanese language, kokedama translates to moss-ball, koke- meaning “moss” and dama- meaning “ball”.

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