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Knowhere: the sensation is like science fiction

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Nowhere is a place where sharing is the common exchange coin and is given without interest rate. An area where the knowledge and business share a cup of coffee. A place in which believe, share and at the same time enjoy. Knowhere is not a regular proposal. 

▼ 从入口进入空间的一刹那,如同进入到科幻小说的世界,When you come in, the sensation is like science fiction


▼ 这是一个开敞的大空间,深蓝色的体块如同鱼缸一般插入空间之中,the space is really spacious with big deep blue cube placed in the center as a meeting room dressed as a fishbowl

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From the moment you enter in the place, the open space ambient and its light are a welcome card to stay in. With big blue color areas, it is almost imposible to not remember the Mediterranean sea that is just a few minutes from the place.

When you come in, the sensation is like science fiction, due to its white walls and the big deep blue cube placed in the center as a meeting room dressed as a fishbowl. From there, it seems to flow rails of electric cables towards the tables, as it was water irrigating them. Everything for making sure that the coworkers and nomad entrepreneurs are well hidratated with talent and excitement. 

▼ 进入空间后,立刻被白色环境下的蓝色色块所吸引,让人不得不想起刚刚见到过的地中海,With big blue color areas, it is almost imposible to not remember the Mediterranean sea that is just a few minutes from the place

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室内物品及家具的设计主要以几何形体为设计概念,如同S. Kubrick电影般强调了的先锋派艺术风格。Wanna One在这个空间的设计中使用了防火胶板,金属,玻璃以及纺织品等材料,同时家具方面使用了Actiu办公桌和会议椅,以及由Josep Lluscà设计的Sentis品牌办公椅。展示柜中陈列着带有Wanna One工作室签名的家具。与此同时,室内所有的元素都来自意大利品牌Novalux。

The geometric shapes guide the design of the objects and furniture, reinforcing the avant-guard aspect worth as a S. Kubrick movie. For the creation of the space, Wanna One has focused in materials as the white formica, metal, glass and textile; and has used office tables and conference chairs from Actiu, office chairs from Sentis, designed by Josep Lluscà. The furniture in the showcases have the signature from the own Wanna One studio. All the elements are corwned with a cubic luminary from the italian brand Novalux. 

▼ 室内空间的划分十分灵活,通过家具的组织,形成不同的分区,the working space Knowhere is flexible that can be divided by furnitures


▼ 室内家具的设计强调了的先锋派艺术风格,the design of furniture reinforcing the avant-guard aspect


Knowhere工作空间的第一优势在于灵活性。如今这里为联合工作者提供了30张办公桌,而且很有可能拓展到75个。这个空间对无固定空间的工作者而言是一个放松的空间,此外,该空间还能用于组织活动。被未来主义包围的感觉因Wanna One创造的黑色和白色的图像“XXL”而得到加强。Wanna One创造了一个以“你好,早上好,我可以帮助你”为共同语言的场所,场所的主要“食物”是才华和世界着名的Denia红虾。

The great advantage of the working space Knowhere is, in first place, its flexibility. Now the place counts 30 tables for coworkers, with the possibility to enlarge to 75, working spaces more relaxed for nomads and an area available to organize events. The sensation to be in a futurist surrounding it’s being reinforced by the graphics created by Wanna One, with images XXL in black&white that seem to be taken from a scanner and accompained by verbs that welcome to the action. Wanna One has created a place in which the common language are Hello, Good morning and may I help you. A working space where the main foods are the talent and the world famous Denia’s red prawns.

▼ knowhere打造了一个被未来主义包围的联合办公空间,the sensation to be in a futurist surrounding


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Wanna One 的最新项目在Denia,团队清楚他们的挑战是为这个地区通过相似的方式创造一个全新的概念。这是一个充满勇气的项目,位于Marina Alta区域,为当地的企业或将这个城市作为一个聚集区的人们创造一个多用途的空间,满足他们多种需求。Wanna One通过对国家竞争环境和全球趋势的准确分析,为该地区建立了一个品牌策略。它所蕴含的普遍概念将为这个地方创造出未来图景。最终的结果是Wanna One为业主创造了一个单一的,从未见过也从未出现过的极具未来主义的空间。

Landing in Denia (Alicante) for their last Project, the Wanna One team knew that their challenge was to provide in an homogeneus way a concept totally new for the area. A brave project, located in the Marina Alta region, that looks to satisfy in a sole space, the different needs of the local entrepreneurs, or the people that uses the city as a hub. Wanna One developed an image and marketing consultancy 360o, that embraced the definition of a brand strategy based in a precise analysis of the national competitive environment and the global trends, to the creation of the brand, its universal concept and the later interiorism and graphics created for the place. The result is a futurist proposal that answers the idea of the owners: create a singular space, never seen, an space that still does not exist.

▼ 电缆沿着轨迹“滑”向桌子,如同水流一般,it seems to flow rails of electric cables towards the tables, as it was water irrigating them




基于这些概念,Wanna One将“knowledge”与“nowhere”两个单词合并,为这个新空间取名为Knowhere。在中心价值“知识是无限的,当你分裂它,它将成倍增长”,以及“工作、分享、创新”的概念指引下,中心区本身通过创建联合办公空间,多功能室以及该地区的首个数字生产车间成为一个知识经济的促发基地。

Because of those concepts, Wanna One has used the joining of the words knowledge and nowhere to create the naming of this new space: Knowhere. This concept has defined the essence of the visual identity with an unstructured typografy that focus on the values of the center: “the knowledge is infinite, when you split it, it multiplies”. And also the claim: “Work. Share. Innovate”, with which the center places himself as a promoter and a launching base of the knowledge economy through their coworking space, multipurpose rooms and the first digital production workshop of the region.

▼ 墙面上体现办公理念的文字以及彰显未来主义感的图像,the words and images on the wall


004-konwhere     002-konwhere

▼ 柜子的细节也充满设计感,the details of the cabinet


Project: Knowhere
Author: Wanna One
Project definition: Market and trend Audit Brand strategy
Naming: Corporate identity Interiorism and Graphism
Location: C/ Foramur, 12, 03700 Dénia (Alicante). SPAIN
Execution: 2017
Space of intervention: 350sqm
Photography: Caulin Photos

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