Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts by Safdie Architects

Variations of glass and metal

Project Specs

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Composed of a proscenium theater, concert hall, and banquet hall, and located in downtown Kansas City, MO, the Kauffman Center will serve as a catalyst for social, educational, and economic vitality in the city and the region. When it opens, the Center will be the most technically and architecturally advanced performing arts space in the nation, and will enable its presenters and resident companies to stage more sophisticated work, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and foster the cross- fertilization of audiences.

▼城市肌理与Kauffman中心,urban context and Kauffman Centre ©David Riffel


▼从西北方向看建筑外观,exterior view from northeast ©David Riffel

The enveloping structure of the complex is a series of undulating, vertical segments of a circle forming the northern container of the theater’s stage, concert hall, and experimental theater. As these elements ascend, they create a segmented, gently curving crown to the building. From this crest, the roof descends in a curve following the toroidal geometry of light cables, metal and glass toward the south. The roof intersects with an outwardly inclined and curved glass wall, which contains the foyer with a southern view. The tensile forces of the suspended glass foyer roof are counteracted by a series of cables tying down the structure to anchors at the entrance terrace. The curved, segmented northern walls are sheathed in silvery stainless steel and punctuated by acid-etched, limestone-colored, precast concrete perpendicular walls.

▼覆盖银色不锈钢的北部立面,northern facade covered with silvery stainless steel ©Timothy Hursley

cables counteracted the tensile forces of the glass foyer roof ©David Riffel


The roof is stainless steel over the performing halls, changing to glass over the foyers. The glass enclosure opens the foyer to dramatic views of the sky and skyline. At night, seen from the exterior, the glazing disappears and reveals the dramatically lit theater facades and activity within the public areas. The theater facades are clad in veneer plaster forming continuous curved, stacked balconies. The lobby bars form sculptural shapes visible under the glass structure.

▼玻璃外壳的门厅,glass enclosure of foyer ©Safdie Architects

glass roof、outwardly inclined and curved glass wall and curved balconies ©Timothy Hursley

▼表演大厅室内,interior of performance hall ©Timothy Hursley

▼模型夜景,night view of the model ©John Horner


: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts
Associate Architect: BNIM Architects
Public Opening: September 2011

Total Area: 356,000 square feet
Muriel Kauffman Theatre – 1,800 seats
Helzberg Hall – 1,600 seats
Total Cost: 
US $326 million

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