Karma Office in US by FormNation

An office space that combines Dutch and American design, which provides beautiful while comfortable environment for employees.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Located in New York’s Little Italy, Karma’s office was transformed by design studio FormNation into a modern space that combines Dutch and American design influences and provides transparency, communication and work-life balances for the employees.

▼办公室全景,overall view of the office

002-Karma Office_FormNation


Karma’s design brief was short, but clear: Design a space with 40 desks, ample break out areas, a war room, communal lunch space for 40, that fits the brand, and they had to move in there in 4 weeks. Karma is a tech start up with strong Dutch influences, that brings a clear, simple, honest and powerful wifi product to the US. Without falling into the typical start up design trap of creating an industrial chic loft design with a slide, FormNation relied on its own Dutch background and design influences to create an aesthetic that focused on a mix of clean Dutch design with American design.


004-Karma Office_FormNation


The L-shaped space boasts a 14’ tin ceiling in an industrial loft with an abundance of natural light from large windows along one wall that overlooks Little Italy and provides the perfect environment for collaboration and communication.


029-Karma Office_FormNation

办公室主要划分为三个区域。一条由蓝灰相间的瓷砖铺成的通道将员工迎入办公区。办公桌依照一个清晰的网格设置,中部通道上设有沙发供人休息交流。从每一张桌子都可以看到窗外的景色,并享受到自然光照。Rich Brilliant Willing公司提供的巨大的灯具为整个办公空间提供了舒适的照明环境。公司巨大的充满荷兰特色的橙色logo模仿美国加油站的形式被置于空间上方,将两国的风格融合在了一起。

The space is divided into 3 main areas:
Work: A colorful pathway of blue and grey floor tiles welcomes employees and guests alike into the office. Employee desks are laid out in a clean grid, comfortable lounge seating exist in the center aisle for conversations and the windows are visible from all desks so everyone can enjoy the view and sunlight. The large, white Delta lights by Rich Brilliant Willing create a cozy work environment and the perfect working light. To top off the space is an oversized company logo, in iconic Dutch orange, resembling an all-American gas station.

▼办公区,灯具提供舒适的照明,working area with comfortable working light

007-Karma Office_FormNation

008-Karma Office_FormNation

009-Karma Office_FormNation     010-Karma Office_FormNation


020-Karma Office_FormNation


Meet/private: FormNation built an extension to the existing conference rooms to create an open war room for meetings and brainstorming sessions in a central location. The conference rooms offer transparency through their glass walls and functionality as the walls are often used to write meeting notes. The conference rooms are a mix of Scandinavian design with American industrial chic.

▼战略商讨区,war room

019-Karma Office_FormNation

015-Karma Office_FormNation

▼会议室,meeting room

013-Karma Office_FormNation

014-Karma Office_FormNation

012-Karma Office_FormNation


Relax/break out: Adjacent to the meeting rooms is a lunch space big enough for the entire office with a long communal table and 40 modern handmade lamps that provide a mix of Brooklyn industrial design and European flair. Following Dutch tradition, Karma employees eat lunch together every day and then take a walk to get coffee. It’s become the norm for Karma now but it’s still strange for new employees to take an hour from their day to eat and not talk about work. Employees often enjoy their coffee in the break out space featuring grey Moroso sofas and iconic Anglepoise lamps in white.

▼餐厅,dining space

022-Karma Office_FormNation     021-Karma Office_FormNation

▼休息区,breakout area

024-Karma Office_FormNation


026-Karma Office_FormNation

▼功能示意图,program diagram

027-Karma Office_FormNation

Project Name: Karma Office NYC
Project Type: Office
Size: 7500 sf

Design Team: Jan Habraken, Lotte van Velzen
Interior Design: FormNation
Fabricator: Abunch
Photographer: Garrett Rowland

Project Specs:
Custom elements
Desks and office chairs Lighting, main office
Accent lighting, break-out area Tables, dining room
Table and chairs, large meeting room Lights, large meeting room
Furniture, small meeting room
Chairs and sofas, main office Side table
Sofas, lounge
Floor tiles

Abunch: planter walls, room extension, furniture, felt walls, custom logo Herman
Miller: Everywhere, Mirra
Rich Brilliant
Willing: Delta IV white
Anglepoise: Original 1227 Giant CB2
Hay: About a Table, About a Chair
Pablo: Cielo
Hay: Bella table; Softline: Noomi lounge chair; Gus*Modern: Spencer Loft sofa Bernhardt Design: Cinema lounge/sofa
Hay: DLM
Moroso: M.A.S.S.A.S
FLOR: Orient

Drawings: FormNation
English text: FormNation
Chinese text: gooood

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