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The rebar is a stick-shaped rolled steel material formed from irregular nubs called ribs and joints that are used as a building construction material.

exterior of the KAMA-ASA shop ©Keisuke Miyamoto


As KAMA-ASA Shop’s policy is set on belief that good tools are made for good reason, it delivers to the customers excellent skills of craftsmen, which make kitchen utensils.

▼店铺室内空间概览,overall of the interior ©Keisuke Miyamoto

the rebars that had been hidden in the walls and ceiling were exposed ©Keisuke Miyamoto


Therefore, the most appropriate for the shop’s space was to show architectural skills of craftsmen. The rebar that is usually hidden in the wall became the main design.

staircase ©Keisuke Miyamoto

the rebars supports the stairs ©Keisuke Miyamoto


Handrails and furniture were designed with rebar. Although they are simple, they still require the use of craftsman skills.

viewing the ground and upper floor ©Keisuke Miyamoto

the handrails are also made by rebars ©Keisuke Miyamoto

details of the rebars ©Keisuke Miyamoto


The knives’ shelves are made from railroad ties. They express the long history of knives that can be used for many years.

▼铁路枕木制成的展架细部,details of the knives’ shelves are made from railroad ties ©Keisuke Miyamoto


As designers, we hope that craftsmen skills will be introduced to many people.

▼平面图,plans ©KAMITOPEN

▼剖面图,sections ©KAMITOPEN

Project Name: KAMA-ASA
Architecture Firm: Naganuma Architects Co., Ltd.
KAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.
NAGANUMA Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.
Website: http://www.kamitopen.com/en/index.html
Contact e-mail: yoshida@kamitopen.com
Firm Location: Higashiazabu SS Bld. 4F,2-32-10, Higashiazabu, Minato-ku,.Tokyo.Japan
#505 ,2-18 Sumiyoshicho,Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.Japan
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area: 468.20㎡
Project location: 2-24-1 Matsugaya,Taito-ku, Tokyo .Japan
Lead Architects: KAMITOPEN Architecture-Design Office Co., Ltd.
Lead Architects e-mail: yoshida@kamitopen.com
Photo credits: Keisuke Miyamoto
Photographer’s e-mail: keisuke_miyamoto@icloud.com
Clients: Daisuke Kumazawa
Engineering: Structural design,Ladderup architects,Takashi Takamizawa
Landscape: Consultants: Eight Branding Design Co., Ltd., Creative Real Estate Co., Ltd.

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