Juana Limón, Madrid, Spain by Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos

a “hand-made” interior space

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos for providing the following description:


Juana Limón is a bakery and coffee shop really next to Retiro Park on its northeast corner. The property asked us for a representative space that could attract the attention of people walking in the street, and also to make the most of the available space including an small kitchen to combine in the same space the preparation, sell and consumption of a wide variety of products.

▼咖啡厅内景,the interior view of the coffee shop


From our firm we took the project as an opportunity to resolve the whole space in the most complete possible way: the architectural project, the furniture design and graphic design.

Previously, this place was a decoration store really closed in on itself with a small access on one of its sides. The first big decision was to keep this access as a service entry and to create a representative entrance in the chamfer of the two adjacent streets.

▼位于街角的主入口,the main entrance in the chamfer of the two adjacent streets


In the interior, pursuing the idea of the crafts work of the bakery we decide to squeeze the use of the hand made painted tiles in different colors and in the different planes. We use this strategy to lend depth to this small place so it seems now bigger than it was. We extend the use of this material to the floor, the walls and the counters. All this works were hand made taking care of every detail.

▼不同尺寸的手工制作的瓷砖增加空间进深,创造了宽敞的空间错觉,the hand made painted tiles in different colors lend depth to this small place


The furniture was also specifically designed by our firm to this project to reinforce the hand made finishes, with iron and wood. Designing every piece with its previous prototypes working one on one with the blacksmith to achieve the most refined design. Over the counters, six Cirque lamps by Louis Poulsen empahasize the importance of this point.

At last, from our firm, we made also the graphic design of all the project, the logotype, and the posters. Working in all this areas we achieve the unity that we were looking for the whole project.

▼家具同样由设计师专门设计并由手工打造,the furniture was also specifically designed to reinforce the hand made finishes


▼随着天色变暗,灯光为室内增添别样的氛围,the lighting has add a special aura to the space

▼轴测图,Axonometric projection



More: Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos,更多关于他们:Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos on gooood

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