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公司简介 | Company Profile

WES景观设计创立于1969 年。至2010年事务所发展为5 位合伙人,60多位员工,分布于总部德国汉堡,和分部柏林,奥亦腾(不来梅),杜塞尔多夫,上海,积极从事德国和国际景观设计工作。

WES Landscape Architecture was founded in 1969. As of 2010, WES had already 5 partners and more than 60 employees engaged in local and international landscape design in Hamburg (headquarter),Oyten(Bremen),Berlin,Düsseldorf,and Shanghai.

WES景观设计师事务所多年来稳居德国景观设计机构第一梯队,2000年被《Made in Germany》(德国国家级全行业杂志)评为德国有史以来景观设计机构第一名。

WES Landscape Architecture is top 3 design institute in Germany. The “ Made in Germany” magazine rating WES as the Nr. 1 Design institute in Germany history.

WES重点从事外部空间规划有40年经验,亲身参与设计并感受了欧洲战后城市,街道,广场的复苏和再度发展。设计范围从整体规划至庭院设计,施工建造,全面负责。WES 事务所实施的项目,包涵所有外部空间规划内容:总体规划,城市设计,商业步行街,商业广场,城市广场,公城市交通,机场,火车站,港口码头滨江,城市中心绿地,园艺规划展览,体育公园,酒店,高级庄园,别墅,高级商业住宅。WES国内外的诸多项目中,获得约30项景观专业荣誉奖项,特别是在城市空间发展领域里,已经形成意识范畴里的一种标示牌,带动规划区经济发展和提高生活标准。

WES boasts 40 years of experience in exterior space planning. We have designed and experienced the revival and redevelopment of the European cities, streets and squares after World War II. Our design scope ranges from master planning and courtyard design to construction. Our service covers the planning of all exterior spaces, including master planning, urban design, commercial pedestrian street, commercial plaza, urban square, urban public transportation, airport, train station, port, pier, riverfront, green spaces in urban center, gardening plan and exhibition, sports park, hotel, upscale manor, villa, upscale commercial residence, etc. WES has obtained 30 honorary awards for landscaping among its numerous local and international projects, and has established a conscious sign in the field of urban space development to drive the economic development and improve the living standards of the planning area.

WES典型的项目之一:沃尔夫斯堡- 大众汽车城,从整体设计至施工建造,2000年完工,成为商业景观公园的典范,使得WES闻名于景观国际,被made in germany 评为德国最好景观设计。诸多建成的著名的项目如:汉堡阿尔斯特内湖滨江堤,汉堡新城滨水平台,莱比锡新会展中心,维也纳社区2 高级商业区,柏林亚历山大场,波斯坦统一广场,被广泛发表。除此之外,WES在欧洲,荷兰,芬兰,俄罗斯,意大利,土耳其,在中东,沙特阿拉伯,迪拜,承担了诸多设计项目。


WES participated in the overall design through construction of Autostadt Wolfsburg, a typical project of the firm that was completed in 2000 and later defines the model of commercial landscape parks. WES became well-known in the landscape circle and was rated by Made in Germany as the best landscape designer in Germany thanks to this project. Other famed projects completed by WES include: Jungfernstieg, Alster, Hamburg; Hafencity, Hamburg; Leipzig Exhibition Center; Vienna Community 2; Alexanderplatz, Berlin; Potsdamer Platz. In addition, WES also undertakes a great deal of design projects in Europe, Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Italy, Turkey, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai.
Over the past decade, WES has completed a number of works in China, including China Mobile South Base in Guangzhou, Oriental Water Sports Center, Poly Plaza and Sany Heavy Industry in Shanghai, the new Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, SOHO Center of Qiandaohu Hotel, Wuxi Convention and Exhibition Center, and China Life Shanghai Branch, Riverfront of South Bund in Shanghai, Sports Park of Suzhou Industrial Park, Nanjing Center, Nanjing Financial City, Greenland Project in Foshan, etc.

高质量的规划方案,准确连贯表达设计构思,控制施工细节,实现地区的发展计划是WES 事务所工作的突出之处。
2014年,WES首席顾问Prof. Hinnerk Wehberg 荣获珠海市未来宜居城市国际顾问。

WES’s work is highlighted by quality planning, accurate and coherent design conception, meticulous control of construction details that together help achieve the development plan of a region.
Chief Prof. Hinnerk Wehberg of WES was engaged in 2014 as the international consultant for Zhuhai’s initiative of developing a livable city.



项目 | Projects 

▽ 德国沃夫斯堡大众汽车城

▽ 常州文化广场

▽ 德国汉堡《明镜》杂志总部

▽ 上海南外滩

▽ 上海保利绿地中心

▽ 苏州奥体中心

▽ 西安丝路会展中心



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招聘职位 | Job Offer

O 景观设计,副主创设计师 Landscape Architect Vice Chief Designer

1. 协助设计总监开展工作,协调项目设计团队,保证设计质量,为客户提供后期服务支持及咨询。
2. 能独立承担设计/项目,包括概念、方案设计、扩初设计、现场服务等;
3. 完成从设计概念到落地施工的流程的监督和控制 4. 负责项目实施的各项指标,如工艺、进度、效果、造价等,保障项目进度

1. Assist the project director to carry out the work, coordinate the project design team, ensure the design quality, and provide customers with after-sales service support and consultation.
2. Participating in the design/project, including concept, schematic design, further design, design control, service, etc.
3. Supervise and control the process from design concept to construction
4. Responsible for various indicators of project implementation, such as process, schedule, effect, cost, etc., to ensure project progress


1. Bachelor’s degree or above in design, more than 7 years of landscape architect design experience and more than 5 years of project management experience
2. Have rich experience in professional technical drawings and technical information, and have the ability to coordinate with party a and partners, as well as the ability to quickly respond to problems and formulate solutions
3. Excellent communication and reporting skills
4. Fluent in English or German

工作地点:上海 ,长宁区法华镇路525号 德必法华525D幢501室
Location: Room 501, Fahuzhen Road 525, Changning District Shanghai

O 景观设计师 Landscape Architect

1. 能独立承担设计/项目,包括概念、方案设计、扩初设计、设计控制、服务等;
2. 向景观设计项目负责人汇报;

1. Participating in the design/project, including concept, schematic design, further design, design control, service, etc.;
2. Report to project leader.

1. 景观设计本科及以上学历;
2. 1-2年在专业设计院或国际建筑事务所的相关工作经验;优秀的方案设计能力
3. 熟练掌握专业软件,如SketchUp CAD,Photoshop,Indesign 等;熟练掌握Rhino及Grasshopper者优先;
4. 英语或德语流利(德语优先考虑),具有即时口语翻译及书面汇报能力。

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in landscape.
2. 1-2 years of relevant work experience in major design institute/foreign design Ltd, excellent design ability 3.Proficiency in SKETCHUP, CAD, PHOTOSHOP, INDESIGN, and other related work software. Proficient in rhino and grasshopper is preferred
4. Excellent professional English/German is required, instant oral translation and written report are required.

工作地点:上海 ,长宁区法华镇路525号 德必法华525D幢501室
Location: Room 501, Fahuzhen Road 525, Changning District Shanghai

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