(上海/北京)Viabizzuno 炜璧祖诺 – 灯光设计师


Viabizzuno is a top-end italian design brand, working on a project basis as ‘lighting tailor’ with prestigious clients and renowned architects and designers.


to cope with the growth of the business and to strengthen the current team in china, we have three job openings, two based in our shanghai showroom (101 gao an road), one based in beijing.



O Lighting Consultant

Main responsibilities:
– lighting consulting: design of lighting projects and conception of space illumination by presentations, manual sketches, product specifications, autoCAD drawings, renderings, technical calculations
– business support: project coordination, attend revision meetings with designers, etc
– technical and on site project supervision (including pre and post sales on-site inspections, light focusing, etc)

– degree in space design, architecture or engineering
– passion for lighting and good aesthetic sense
– international education or experience highly preferred
– previous working experience in design or lighting sector (ideally 1-3 years)
– preferred Chinese mother language, fluent in english, italian is a strong plus
– strong computer skills (autocad, dialux, adobe, sketch up, 3Dmax)
– good interpersonal skills
– independent, willing to learn and well organized

This is a role with high exposure to the business, external visibility and interaction with the headquarter in Italy, therefore strong maturity, professionalism and company loyalty are absolutely required.

Talented candidates will have the opportunity to take up a career with fast learning and growing responsibility.

Please send an email and attach your updated CV in english to:
inshanghai@viabizzuno.com with subject “application for lighting consultant”


About Viabizzuno

On february 2nd 1994, Viabizzuno starts a path made of passion tradition, competence, research, innovation, experience and human relationship.

the story of Viabizzuno starts in bizzuno, district of lugo di romagna, in via bizzuno 17.mario nanni, founder and soul of design in Viabizzuno, has since the beginning of his life a passion for light: as a child, he won the prize for best nativity scene in the parish contest and started to work as electrician since he was twelve.

The electrician becomes technician, the technician becomes craftsman, the craftsman becomes a retailer, the retailer becomes designer, the designer becomes a self-manufacturer, the self-manufacturer becomes a factory, the factory becomes a brand.

With Viabizzuno, mario nanni wants to convey his experience, by offering a complete collection to work with the light at 360°, an answer to every single need raised by the market.

The strength of Viabizzuno relies on working towards a customised design, finding solutions that didn’t exist before, integrating light with architecture and in this way creating a recognizable image all over the world thanks to its formal consistency and well thought integrity.

Viabizzuno becomes a philosophy of life, a thought to be followed by designers in the world, an image in which to identify oneself, a style, a unique experience.

Our philosophy and work allowed us to interact and design with the most important architects worldwide, who trusted us for their projects. design, craftsmanship and technology have allowed Viabizzuno to achieve and maintain the love and respect of its customers.

Viabizzuno logo, a white space crossed by two lines. one vertical, well balanced, logical, clean, the other one dynamic, irreverent, ironic. separated and yet complementary, just like the two different philosophies behind Viabizzuno’s two original collections, technical and decorative.in the intersection between the two lines, the UpO, the office to design shadows and a wise use of the light.

UpO is a team of people with different backgrounds whose task is to design light and shade. it is the space that is illuminated, not the lamp. light is part of architecture and so is shade.

Architectural spaces live in the light of the sun, but when the sun sets they are brought back to life, under another kind of light, the one of UpO, always loyal to our approach of ‘progettare voce del verbo amare’, which means ‘to design is part of the verb to love’, spreading culture of light and creating wellbeing through the light




mario nanni是炜璧祖诺(Viabizzuno)设计的创始人和灵魂,他从小就对光充满热情:小时候,他在教区竞赛中获得最佳耶稣诞生奖,并从十二岁起就开始从事电工工作。


在Viabizzuno,mario nanni致力于表达他的设计经验,以此来提供完整完善的产品系列,从而满足市场的每一个需求。





建筑空间在阳光的照耀下绽放它的生命,但是当太阳落山后它们以另一种方式存在,由另一种光延续它的生机。UpO的设计总是忠于我们的理念“progettare vocedel verbo amare”,也就是 “设计,也是传达爱的一种”,延续光影文化,创造由光带来的幸福。

▽ The hq and factory in bentivoglio, bologna, Italy

▽ The Shanghai showroom

▽ Viabizzuno 8 rules



▽ Penthouse index in dubai – by Studio M

▽ Valextra milan – by John Pawson

▽ Celine miami – by Valerio Olgiati

▽ Sulwhasoo flagship store seoul – by Neri&hu

▽ Valentino global concept – by David Chipperfield

▽  Therme in vals, by Peter Zumthor