(北京)reMIX 临界工作室 – 建模技术师 / 资深建筑师 / 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 实习设计师



The Year of 2021 has brought reMIX a new series of exciting projects so it’s time to start another round of challenging design explorations. If you are full of energy and passion for design, this post is for you! Office location: No. 3, Cha’er Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing. Read more to get a better understanding of reMIX and learn about our application process; thanks to anyone who forwards this post to interested friends.



reMIXstudio | 临界工作室,一间致力于打破专业和尺度界限的空间工作室。三位创始人 – Chen Chen, Federico Ruberto and Nicola Saladino – 分别来自不同的学术研究背景并在多个国际性事务所在多尺度多类型的设计实践中积累了丰富的经验。我们涉足建筑设计,景观设计以及城市规划设计,并尤以其中的交叉性、综合性的设计为专长。

reMIX studio’s work challenges the boundaries between different design disciplines and scales. The office was born from the experience that the three founding partners, Chen Chen, Federico Ruberto and Nicola Saladino, have developed during years of academic research and through collaborations with various international firms, studying and inquiring diverse scales of interventions and procedural attitudes. The studio expertise ranges from architecture to landscape and urban design.


In 2021 we have just won the competition for Lianhua Primary School renovation and expansion, a challenging ultra-high-density school complex in Futian District, Shenzhen. At the same time, after three years of design development, Futian High School has finally entered the construction phase. Last year reMIX has also worked on the design of a pavilion for Suzhou International Design Week, a youth activity center and the Jingjinji Art Center in Tianjin. We have also completed the construction of two renovation projects in the hutongs: re-fracted and co(al)-yard. On-going projects include Futian High School (architectural CD, interior and landscape DD), Lianhua Primary School (architectural SD and DD), Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (architectural SD), Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Plant renovation (landscape planning and architectural SD), Paizi Hutong(architectural, interior and landscape renovation) and etc.

▽ 重叠校园 – 莲花小学 (中标方案) | The Overlapped Campus: Lianhua Primary School (winning proposal) (点此查看更多

▽ “聚·隔” – 2020苏州国际设计周展亭 | Together Apart – 2020 Suzhou International Design Week Pavilion(点此查看更多

▽ 多重互联 – 福田中学(施工中)| link-ed(u) – Futian High School(点此查看更多

▽ 天津荣程钢厂改造| Renovation of Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Plant

▽ 煤院新生(建成)| co(al)-yard (completed)(点此查看更多

▽ 凹透院(建成)| re-fracted (completed)(点此查看更多


reMIXer的工作和生活 | reMIX work and office life

▽ 茶儿胡同临界工作室 | reMIX studio space(点此查看更多


reMIX office is in an old courtyard building in Dashilar that we have renovated back in 2015 so this will be our sixth year in the neighborhood.


Cha’er Hutong is a very quiet street in Dashilar. If you are not afraid of heights, you can climb to the roof and enjoy a nice view over the hutongs!


Small animals such as cats, dogs and ferrets are often seen in the hutongs. Those of you who are animal-lovers will easily find new friends around (and sometimes inside) the office.


reMIX is a friendly group of young and “still-young” people, and the management of the office is non-hierarchical. Lunch in the alley at noon is an important daily leisure and communication time for the studio.


We carefully consider each tiny design detail, often in an open discussion where we can learn from each other and everyone’s voice can be heard.


During the conceptual design stage, we often organize internal competitions. The review sessions are among the most popular office events at reMIX. Three reMIX partners often bring academic contents into the studio. Occasionally we organize technical workshops as well as lecture series on architecture and landscape theory.


reMIXers have a lot of hobbies. In addition to architecture and art, most of them like riding, dancing, and playing guitar. We hope that more and more versatile talents can join us.


reMIX福利 | reMIX benefits


每周五会定期举行Happy hour ,吃吃喝喝同时大家分享建筑、艺术相关的话题。我们也会邀请我们的朋友来为大家分享不同的主题内容。除此之外,reMIXer在每年会进行一次工作室出行,还有不定时不限次的聚餐,滑雪、卡丁、探洞等挑战我们身体极限的运动活动。希望在reMIX的时光也能成为大家彼此交流,共同成长的经历。

reMIXers have 12 days of paid annual leave. If you add holidays and compensations for overtime (we have a 1-to-1 compensation scheme for work in the weekend), it gives plenty of opportunities for travelling. We believe that a rich life experience is an important source of inspiration for designers so we really do our best to help everyone maintain a balance between life and work.

The office has regular Happy Hours on Friday, when we eat and drink while we listen to architecture, design and art-related presentations. We also often invite friends to share their experience on similar topics. In addition, reMIXers enjoy an annual office trip, as well as multiple office dinners, skiing, karting, caving and other fun and challenging sport activities. We hope that these fun moments can help everyone improve their communication with each other and help the office grow as a real community.

▽ 2020圣诞聚餐 | 2020 Christmas dinner(left) / Happy Hour (right)


空缺职位 | Open Positions

建模技术师 Model Technologist

– 会使用Rhino、CAD等软件,搭建建筑模型
– 建筑、结构,艺术造型类专业及相关专业优先
– 对设计项目各阶段都有一定认识和经验
– 良好的三维空间理解能力

– Use Rhino, CAD and other softwares to build models
– Major in architecture, structure, art modeling and related majors are preferred
– Certain knowledge and experience in all project stages (SD, DD, CD)
– Good 3D space understanding ability

O 资深建筑师 Senior Architect

– 建筑或相关领域专业学位。
– 拥有五年以上在国内外知名建筑事务所的工作经验,负责过中大型公共建筑项目全程的工作。
– 有出色的设计能力、扎实的技术知识并且能够敏锐地关注细节。
– 熟练使用AutoCAD/Rhino/Adobe等相关的工作软件
– 有良好的职业精神和责任心;具备良好的人际关系技巧,能够高效地领导设计团队。
– 中英文俱佳者优先。

– Diploma in Architecture or related disciplines
– Min. 5 years of working experience of middle or large scale public project with full process coordination tasks in well-known firms of China or abroad
– Excellent design ability, profound technical knowledge and keen in construction detailing
– Proficiency in AutoCAD/Rhino/Adobe software
– Highly professional and responsible, strong organization and communication skills, good team leader with efficiency
– Fluent in both English and Mandarin preferred

O 项目建筑师 Project architect


– 3+ years of professional work experience, with project coordination and communication
– Real passion for design
– Genuine interest and sensitivity for construction, details, materials, etc.
– Strong organizational and communication skills
– Proficiency in 3d-modeling software (Rhino is preferred)
– Experience in DD and CD stages
– Experience in construction site is preferred
– International academic and/or work experience is a plus
– Fluent Chinese and English communication skills are preferred

O 建筑师 Architect

-熟练运用建模犀牛及 Adobe 系列软件
-熟练运用渲染软件(V-Ray 或 Enscape)

– Excellent design and visualization skills
– Proficiency in Rhino and Adobe software
– Proficiency in rendering software (V-Ray or Enscape)
– Certain knowledge and experience in all project stages (SD, DD, CD)
– Fluent Chinese and English communication skills are preferred

O 实习生 Design intern

-熟练运用犀牛及 Adobe 系列软件
-熟练运用渲染软件(VRAY 或 Enscape)

– Landscape and architecture applications are both welcome!
– Excellent design and visualization skills
– Passion about design and good attitude towards teamwork
– Proficiency in Rhino and Adobe software
– Proficiency in rendering software (V-Ray or Enscape)
– Precise manual model-making skills
– Strong interest in design research
– Good English communication skills
– Fluent in Chinese is preferred
– Internship period should not be less than 3 months


If you are interested, please send your CV and portfolio in PDF format (less than 10MB) to hr@remixstudio.org. Please indicate your name, applied position and graduation school in the subject of the email. Applications for internship must indicate the expected start and end dates. After we receive the application, we will inform the candidates that qualify for an interview by email; please be patient.