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公司简介 | Profile

朗读建筑设计事务所 OutRead Architecture Office,致力在艺术、文化、旅游、居住、酒店等多元业态中探索边缘的、前瞻的创意解决方案。并为行业贡献独特的高水准设计作品。

We are committed to exploring marginal and forward-looking creative solutions in art, culture, tourism, residence, hotel and other multi-formats. And to contribute unique high-level design works to the industry.


Our workshop has always been holding the firm belief that architecture is not the purpose but the medium of human activity. The function of a good house is to bring together the values of people, art, nature, culture and so on to produce irreplaceable meanings. Only these meanings can achieve eternal life, not the material or form itself of the building. Only in such a vision, architecture can be freed from the bondage of ” architectonics”, can acquire the same powerful expressiveness as works of art, and can be read and re-interpreted as literary works, no matter what subject it is about or what story it tells. However, unlike literature, architectural space can simultaneously mobilize all human senses to acquire information, not only to gain cross-cultural perception and acceptance, but also to tell something beyond the boundary of human literature that cannot be described in words.


In the past 15 years of practice, OutRead Architecture Office‘s works have been mainly concentrated in the southwest of China, serving real estate agents, governments, cultural institutions and individuals, and covering small and medium-sized public buildings, landscapes and artistic installations. Meanwhile, as the founder and design director of Reading Architectural Design Office, Rock’s practical and thinking have been devoted to the construction of urban public space and the study of the construction form and significance based on perceptual experience.


Our’s research and practice attempt to expand the disciplinary boundaries of architecture and re-establish the connection between human and natural phenomena, history, culture and time through architecture, explaining how the form and structure of artificial space accurately convey conceptual information, and tracing back to the concept itself through perceptual experience.


部分项目 | Selected Projects

▽ 峡谷帆幕

▽ 创客中心

▽ 高攀路城市更新

▽ 来古冰川国家公园游客中心

▽ 麓湖漂浮绿洲

▽ 艺术家工作室

▽ 诺尔盖风塔

▽ 邛崃云亭

▽ 听风堂茶室

▽ 文脉巷威士忌餐吧

▽ 映秀地震纪念馆景观


招聘岗位 | Job Description

O 建筑主创设计师 Chief Architects

1. 建筑学或景观建筑学专业本科及以上学历,有海外留学背景优先;
3. 熟练掌握建筑相关规范和运用各类设计软件,熟练使用各种通用办公软件;

Requirements for the post:
1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture or landscape architecture, overseas study background is preferred;
2. Have rich creative ability of scheme and architectural conception;
3. Be proficient in building related specifications and various design software, and be proficient in using various general office software;
4. Have good team spirit and coordination ability, and be able to work under pressure;
5. Have strong ability to study, analyze and solve problems;
6. Have strong working principle and execution ability.

O 景观主创设计师 Chief Landscape Architects

1. 风景园林、环境艺术等相关专业毕业;
2. 有4年以上景观方案设计工作经验,2年以上主创设计师经历;
4. 能独立负责大型项目的景观规划设计、组织与协调工作,有较强的设计深化能力、文案表达能力以及方案解说能力;

Requirements for the post:
1. Bachelor degree of above in landscape architecture, environmental art and other related majors;
2. More than 4 years experience in landscape design and more than 2 years experience as a chief designer;
3. Be responsible for the project design, quality control and scheme deepening of landscape project;
4. Be able to take charge of landscape planning and design, organization and coordination of large-scale projects independently, and have strong design deepening ability, copy expression ability and scheme interpretation ability;
5. Have good scheme reporting ability, be able to clearly, accurately and effectively express professional problems and propose solutions in professional technical meetings or discussions;
6. Love and focus on design, have good professional ethics, high professional spirit and teamwork consciousness.


Meanwhile, we are looking for Assistant Architect, Architect Intern and Landscape Intern.

1. Major in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Art Design or Urban Planning, Architectural Design, Interior Design or other related majors .
2.  Bachelor degree or above in key universities.

工作时间:周一至周五  10:00-18:30


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联系电话:+86 18482184118

Address: Bisheng Road 217# Jinjiang District, Chengdu, China
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