(深圳)McGregor Coxall 革巧索景观公司 – 景观建筑师 / 助理景观建筑师 / Senior Landscape Architect



McGregor Coxall的事务所位于澳大利亚、中国和英国,我们的环球事务所致力于结合多个设计学科与工作领域协助城市实现可持续的繁荣。我们的国际团队为客户提供景观建筑规划设计、城市规划设计和包括海绵城市、雨洪管理、生态治理等环境科学领域的服务。通过领先的数字技术,我们为复杂的城市和环境挑战提供创新的设计解决方案。

McGregor Coxall为私人和政府客户多种类型、尺度的项目呈现优质的设计结果, 我们的作品曾获得了包括TOPOS大奖在内的100多个国际奖项。McGregor Coxall在众多国际期刊上发表专题研究,且在多个国际设计大赛中获得优胜。



▽ Xiangsheng Shipyard






O 景观建筑师(全职)

McGregor Coxall深圳事务所诚挚希望作为景观建筑师的你加入我们这支关注细 节、专注创新、致力于创造卓越设计的国际团队。团队协作是我们工作的核心,你将与我们位于澳大利亚、英国、中国的四所事务所就景观、城市、环境生态领域在各类国际项目上进行合作。

1. 拥有应对各类型项目在各项目阶段的设计与制图能力可积极主动地以单独或协作的方式,通过创造性的思维解决设计挑战;
2. 可积极主动地以独立或协作的方式, 通过创造性的思维解决设计上的问题与挑战;
3. 优秀的书面、口头交流能力以及图形传达技巧;
4. 拥有项目与客户关系管理的经验,曾与各类客户、项目相关者共同工作,同时能与其积极、良好地发展合作关系;
5. 具备独立工作和团队协作的能力;
6. 具有能同时管理多个项目、合理安排各类工作任务、管理项目相关人员的能力;
7. 能熟练操作Vectorworks;
8. 掌握Autodesk Revit和BIM软件者可获得优先考虑;
9. 熟练操作Rhino软件者可获得优先考虑;
10. 精通Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign软件;
11. 可运用微软Office软件;
12. 景观设计或相关学科高等专业学历;
13. 已在澳洲或其他国际认可的景观设计协会注册或承诺准备进行注册;
14. 你必须是一个积极主动且具有良好条理性的团队成员,愿意学习且热爱设计。

O 助理景观建筑师(全职)

McGregor Coxall深圳事务所诚挚希望作为景观建筑师的你加入我们这支关注细 节、专注创新、致力于创造卓越设计的国际团队。团队协作是我们工作的核心,你将与我们位于澳大利亚、英国、中国的四所事务所就景观、城市、环境生态领域在各类国际项目上进行合作。

1. 拥有应对各类型项目在各项目阶段的设计与制图经验
2. 可积极主动地以独立或协作的方式,通过创造性的思维解决设计问题与挑战
3. 优秀的书面、口头交流能力以及图形传达技巧
4. 具备独立工作和团队协作的能力
5. 能合理安排工作任务、在多个项目上穿插工作
6. 能熟练操作Vectorworks;具备Autodesk Revit和BIM软件经验更佳
7. 希望你具备使用Rhino软件的经验和技能
8. 需具备Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign软件技能
9. 希望你具备微软Office软件经验
10. 景观设计或相关学科高等专业学历

O Graduate Landscape Architect (Full Time)

The Role
As a Graduate Landscape Architect, you will be joining a team of creative designers who are focused on innovative designs demonstrating attention to detail and crafting projects that deliver design excellence. Teamwork is at the heart of our studio and you will have the opportunity to collaborate on a wide range of exciting landscape, urban, environmental and international projects.

About You
You must be a motivated and organised team player with a willingness to learn and a passion for design.
To be successful in the role, you will have:
1. Demonstrated technical capabilities in landscape design across a wide range of project types and all aspects of the project lifecycle (concept to construction)
2. The ability to think creatively to innovate and problem solve design challenges in a proactive and collaborative manner
Excellent written, verbal and graphic communication skills
Demonstrated capability to work both independently and collaboratively on projects
3. Ability to prioritise and work on multiple projects and tasks effectively
4. Advanced skills in Vectorworks is essential, with knowledge of Autodesk Revit and BIM being desirable
5. Experience and skills in Rhino are highly desirable
6. Experience with Adobe Create Suite [InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop] is essential
7. Experience with Microsoft Office is desirable
8. Relevant tertiary qualification/s in Landscape Architecture

O Senior Landscape Architect

The minimum education requirements are a Masters Degree in Urban Design, Architecture or a similar professional qualification. Knowledge of Vector- Works, 3D rendering software and Adobe Suite would be advantageous. The applicant will also need to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in written English.

1. Collaborate with studio colleagues and contribute to a dynamic and creative team environment
2. Positively engage and add value to McGregor Coxall’s design process through innovative thinking
3. Lead design production to deliver resolved designs in association with Project & Design Directors
4. Contribute to McGregor Coxall’s thought leader- ship in design
5. Keep abreast and be informed of emerging trends in design
6. Positively and critically interrogate projects at each step in the design process

Project Management
1. Establish McGregor Coxall’s Project Plan includ- ing project related resourcing and programming
2. Liaise with and manage day to day client inter- face on project related matters
3. Negotiate and resolve design related matters with clients and contractors
4. Prepare and externally present to client groups on project related matters
5. Lead, direct and manage project teams on com- puter and manual design product and contract deliverables
6. Manage project related meetings and coordinate work ow actions arising
7. Manage construction review programs to ensure design intent and quality are being met

Team Leadership & Management
1. Provide leadership, direction and support profes- sional development for junior colleagues
2. Maintain pro table project financial control
3. Prepare project billings advice for accounts
4. Assist the accounts team colleagues facilitate project related collections from clients
5. Maintain predetermined billing volumes
6. Secure profitable, serviceable business Salary will be commensurable to demonstrated experience.