(北京/深圳)KSP 尤根·恩格尔建筑师事务所 – 资深设计建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师


公司简介 About us

KSP卡斯帕 尤根·恩格尔建筑师事务所是一家享有国际声誉的大型德国建筑事务所,不仅在德国境内有着长达80多年的历史,同样在国际上也成就斐然。本事务所采用分散型的组织架构,在德国共有四个分部,分别位于柏林、布伦瑞克、法兰克福(总部)、慕尼黑四个城市,并且在中国上海设有独资公司,在北京和深圳也设有分公司,因此我们可以深入了解当地的建筑风格,也可以广泛地承接建筑任务。每个分部之间均紧密联系,从而达到专业资源的信息共享。KSP卡斯帕尤根·.恩格尔建筑设计国际有限公司主要负责协调国际项目并且是国际客户的主要联系方。公司总共拥有来自37个国家的300名设计专家,除了开展传统建筑领域业务外,还能开展一切在建筑领域内必需的相关服务项目,包括从总体规划到产品设计。我们的业务范围包括城市建设、现有房屋改建、可持续性建筑以及咨询服务等多个方面。将规划中的所有分散的领域联结成一个整体,以实现期待中的增值,这也符合我们自身的愿望以及客户的期待。我们的作品曾多次获得国际建筑赛事大奖,因此在业内也享有盛誉。

KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten is an internationally successful big scale German architecture company. It has more than 80 years of history in Germany and has achieved international recognition. The decentralized structure, with four national offices in Berlin, Braunschweig, Frankfurt/Main and Munich, as well as subsidiary in Shanghai and offices in Beijing and Shenzhen, China, enables us to cater to regional specifics and engage in a wide range of planning and construction assignments. Each office is able to rely on the know-how of the entire company and professionally share resources. KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten International GmbH coordinates the foreign projects and is responsible for clients from abroad. In addition to classic architectural services some 300 employees from 37 nationalities provide all the requisite accompanying services, from general planning and construction management to product design. The portfolio is rounded out by urban planning services, the transformation of existing buildings, sustainable construction, and consulting services. Only the holistic linking of all planning creates the added value that meets our standards and our clients’ expectations. Most of our jobs are gained by successfully entering international architecture competitions.



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招聘职位 Jobs

O 资深设计建筑师(工作地点:北京)Leading Design Architect (Location: Beijing)

作为北京设计团队核心带领团队完成概念设计、方案设计、初步设计阶段。 独立向业主、政府及其他部门汇报方案的能力。

As Beijing design team core member to lead the team in concept design, schematic design and preliminary design phases. Ability to independently present the design to client/government and other departments.

• 具备10年以上国际事务所中国项目设计和实施的专业工作经验
• 具有独立领导设计/项目的经验以及协调所有设计参与者的相关经验
• 成功带领设计并实施3个全阶段项目及以上
• 结构化和目标导向的工作方式
• 良好团队精神及综合领导素质
• 熟练使用CAD(AutoCAD)、Rhino和图形设计等软件
• 形象佳,社交能力强,具备团队精神和超群沟通能力
• 具备超强设计创新能力
• 熟练掌握中文和英文的口语和书面表达

• 10 years and above of professional work experience in China market with international firms
• Independent design/project leadership experience in project teams and relevant experience in coordinating all design participants
• Successfully leading in design and having implemented at least 3 full staged projects
• Structured and goal-oriented working method
• good team spirit and integrative leadership qualities
• Skilled use of software such as CAD (AutoCAD), Rhino and graphic design
• Good image, strong social skills, teamwork spirit and good communication skills
• Strong design innovation ability proficient in Chinese and English both orally & written

建筑师 Architect

• 5年及以上相关工作经验
• 超群设计创新能力• 良好的沟通能力和执行能力,完全可以独立完成工作
• 熟练掌握中国设计和施工规范
• 具备协调内外部设计人员和设计参与者的相关经验
• 良好团队精神及遵循设计输入的能力
• 熟练使用CAD(AutoCAD)和Rhino

• 5 years and above related work experience
• Strong design innovation ability
• Good communication skills and execution capability and able to work independently
• knowledge of Chinese design and construction regulations
• Experience in coordinating other internal and external designers and design participants
• good team spirit and follow design instruction qualities
• Skilled use of CAD (AutoCAD), and Rhino

助理建筑师 Junior Architect

• 具备良好的社交和沟通能力,和较强的自主性
• 具备较强设计创新能力
• 良好团队精神
• 熟练使用CAD(AutoCAD),Rhino、以及演示和图形处理程序(Adobe /MS Office)等工作软件。熟练掌握其他软件最佳。

• Good social and communication skills and able to work independently
• Strong design innovation ability
• Good team spirit
• Skilled use of CAD (AutoCAD) Rhino, demo and graphics programs (Adobe/ms Office), additional working softwares are preferred


申请方式 Application


We look forward to your joining our company and contributing your creativity and experience to our project. We can provide you with long-term career prospects, a high-quality working atmosphere, a commensurate salary and learning opportunities, and provide independent working environment on the projects you are responsible for.
Interested parties, please send your CV and portfolio in Chinese-English by email to hr@ksp-architekten.net