(上海)HATCH Architects 汉齐建筑 – 建筑/室内设计师 / 品牌与运营专员 / 实习生


汉齐建筑 HATCH Architects


HATCH is a creative-driven architecture + interior design company. HATCH was founded in London, UK in 2007 and established its Asia Pacific branch in Shanghai in 2011. HATCH has rich design experience in the fields of science and technology innovation, office, international education, cultural tourism and innovation, and commercial architecture.


HATCH’s mission is to “empower people’s lives and work with imaginative and creative design” in the context of globalisation. We firmly believe that the soul of architecture is space, the soul of space is experience, the soul of experience is time,and the soul of time is freedom.

公司网址 Official website:www.hatchgroup.cn
微信公众号 WeChat Account:HatchGroup
Office address:Suite 303,No. 228 Xiangyang South Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


HATCH工作体验  Work Experience

– 开心快乐的设计 Design for happiness
– 展现自我的舞台 A stage of showing yourself
– 持续的职业发展 Continuous career development
– 优厚的福利待遇 Generous welfare package
– 核心城区的位置 Downtown working location


公司项目 Projects

▽江门中科健康创新生物产业园 CAS Life Park, Jiangmen

▽上海张江朗诗中心 Zhangjiang Landsea Center, Shanghai

▽杭州育海外国语学校 Hangzhou Yuhai Foreign Language School

▽保利昆明阳宗海宝格丽酒店 Poly Yangzonghai Bulgari Hotel, Kunming

▽黄山游客中心 Huangshan Tourist Center



O 建筑师/室内设计师 Architect/Interior Designer

1. 认同“设计为工作和生活赋能”的价值观,积极乐观,有自驱力和事业心;
2. 有创造性思维和设计能力;
3. 有2年以上公共建筑项目的设计经验,有海外留学经历或知名设计公司经验优先;
4. 有带领团队、承担独立项目设计工作者优先;
5. 建筑学、室内设计或相关设计专业本科或以上学历;
6. 精通常用的专业软件,如:Rhino, Grasshopper, SU, ID, AI, PS和CAD。

1. Believing in HATCH’s company value of ‘Design empowers life’, positive and optimistic, self-motivated with strong enterprising spirit;
2. Possess creative thinking and design ability;
3. 2+ years of professional practice working experience on civic projects, overseas study and working experience in well-known architectural offices are preferred;
4. Experience in leading a team and undertaking independent project designs is preferred;
5. Architecture, interior design or other design major Bachelor degree or above;
6. Proficiency in professional software: Rhino, Grasshopper, SU, ID, AI, PS and CAD.

O 品牌与运营专员 Branding & Operation Specialist

1. 认同“设计为工作和生活赋能”的价值观,积极乐观,有自驱力和事业心;
2. 具有良好的审美意识和平面设计能力,能够独立完成项目资料的排版与发表;
3. 熟悉新媒体运营推广方式和软文技巧,有社交媒体传播相关经验;
4. 熟练使用微信公众号编辑器、PS、AI、ID和Office等软件;
5. 建筑、艺术、媒体或其它设计专业学位。

1. Believing in HATCH’s company value of ‘Design empowers life’, positive and optimistic, self-motivated with strong enterprising spirit;
2. Good aesthetic consciousness and graphic design ability, typesetting and publishing of project materials independently;
3. Familiar with new media operation and promotion methods and advertorial skills, experienced in social media;
4. Proficient in software: WeChat public account editor Office, PS, AI, ID, and MS Office;
5. Bachelor Degree in architecture, art, media or other design major.

O 实习生 Intern

1. 思维活跃清晰,充满想象力和创造力,具有出色的设计能力和学习研究能力;
2. 强烈的责任心和良好的团队合作能力,具备较强的执行力,能够配合快速的工作节奏;
3. 建筑学或室内设计专业本科及以上学历在校生或应届毕业生;
4. 熟练使用AutoCAD, Sketch UP, Rhino, Grasshopper, Adobe等软件;
5. 实习期不短于3个月。

1. Active and clear thinking, imaginative and creative, excellent design and learning ability;
2. Strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork ability with strong execution, can work on a fast pace;
3. Bachelor degree or above in architecture or interior design, current students or recent graduates;
4. Proficient in software: AutoCAD/Sketch UP/Rhino/Grasshopper/ Adobe and etc;
5. Commitment of minimum 3 months internship.



PS: 请在邮件标题注明: 来源于谷德、申请职位及在邮件中写明期望薪资

Please submit your resume and portfolio in PDF format (Max attachment is 15MB) via Email to: info@hatchgroup.cn
PS: in the subject of email, please indicate: source from gooood, position you are applying for, and salary expectation.
Please understand that, only the applicants whose resume and portfolio meet our requirement will be replied. We apologise for not being able to reply to every applicant.