(深圳)梓集 fabersociety – 项目建筑师 Project Architect / 建筑师 Architect / 设计实习生 Intern Designer

简介 | About Us


Our mission is to explore new forms of design advocacy in marginalized communities. Our work seeks to initiate creative investments that broaden the range and increase the intensity of local cultural and economic exchanges through spatial and programmatic compounds – launching collaborative, conversations and provisional networks that can be sustained through well-designed infrastructures addressing need and growth. Our approach will emphasize on renewal of existing configuration and small-scale materialization, with minimal intervention and optimized use of resources. As a research and design collaborative funded in 2013 at Harvard Graduate School of Design, fabersociety has a group of dedicated designers who are passionate about making a difference at micro levels.


办公环境 | Office


We are situated inside an old factory in Shekou at the foot of Nan Mountain, surrounded by a church, a bar, and a Friends – themed coffee.
Limited after hours but we work intensely.
Relationships are simple and relaxed, though it is often necessary to speak up in English.
The office is never quiet, but we are ultimately peaceful.


近期项目 | Projects

▽三分之一宅,1/3 Kiosk

▽万科大梅沙总部博物馆改造, Vanke Museum Renovation

▽ 积木社区营地, GEEMU Community

▽ N3画廊改造,N3 Gallery

▽ 创想社1835, Longwan Commune 1835

▽ O.C.O展厅改造, Lab O.C.O

进行中的项目 | Current Projects


Ongoing projects include the Qianhai New Town Landmark (International Competition Finalist); a hillside restaurant and bath; a 7x6x5m small residence; urban design and planning at various scales. Every project is vastly different and rather challenging, but we do care about your wellbeing.


招聘职位 | Vacancies

基础要求 General Qualification

对设计和学术有近乎偏执的热情,专注于建筑和城市本身,热衷更深层的论述和更有浓度的话题,而不浅止于职业技能和行业八卦。 热爱生活,性格干净、有趣,能够很好地融入团队。自由但不懒散,创造力与执行力并重,自我要求严格,谢绝眼高手低。

Applicants should be honest and kind.
With overall enthusiasm for design, they should focus on architecture and the city itself, pursuing relevant topics rather than only professional skills and gossip. They are also expected to be passionate about life, interesting in character, and able to integrate well into the team. Creativity, execution and attitude are all equally important.

O 项目建筑师 Project Architect

• 建筑学及城市设计专业,本科或以上学历
• 工作5年以上,参与过落地项目的设计、建造过程

• Degree in architecture or urban design at bachelor level or above
• 5+ years experience and previous involvement in the design and construction phase of built projects

O 建筑师 Architect

• 建筑学及城市设计专业,本科或以上学历
• 工作3年以上,具备全过程尤其是完善和深化设计的能力

• Degree in architecture or urban design at bachelor level or above
• 3+ years experience and previous involvement in the schematic and especially detailed design phase

O 实习设计师 Intern Designer

• 建筑学及相关专业本科四年级或以上
• 全职实习期不少于3个月

• Major in architecture or related disciplines, at or above senior year
• 3+ months internship commitment


申请方式 | Instructions

1. 请将个人简历和作品集以PDF格式(附件小于15M)发至:info@fabersociety.cn如有相关疑问,请通过电子邮件方式问询
2. 标题请注明姓名及申请职位,邮件正文中请注明起始工作日期
4. 我们认真对待每一份申请,符合要求的申请人会10个工作日内收到邮件回复及面试安排

1. Please send your resume and portfolio in PDF format (less than 15M) to: info@fabersociety.cn. If you have any questions, please contact us by email.
2. Please indicate the name and position in the title, and include the starting date of work in the body of the email;
3. The application must include, but not limited to, the following: study and work experience, contact information, profile photo, and a letter of intent.
4. We will take every application seriously, and applicants who meet the requirements will receive an email for interview within 10 work days.