(杭州)设计聚合 – 建筑师(施工图方向)/ 项目建筑师 / 室内设计师 / 景观设计师 / 行政商务助理 / 建筑设计实习生





Design Hub (DESIGN HUB), founded in 2015 at Hangzhou, China, is a prospective,practical and research architectural design institute. As a cutting-edge design organization, Design Hub provides international architecture, interior,landscape, planning and consultation services, among which, the team, with “modern healthy lifestyle” as the core, has a perfect theoretical and practical system in the space research.



设计聚合目前有三名主持建筑师,美籍华裔建筑师黄明健、任天和何松,现均任教于中国美术学院建筑艺术学院。三人均曾就读于美国哈佛大学设计学院(Harvard GSD),黄明健先生在美国Oylerwu Collaborative, GriffinEnrightArchitects等多家世界顶尖建筑事务所工作或深度合作,拥有世界顶尖的专业背景。任天先生曾就职于瑞士Christian Kerez,美国MG2,新加坡WOHA,西班牙MateoArchitectura,日本偎研吾事务所(KKAA),等国际顶尖设计事务所具有丰富项目经验及前沿的设计理念。何松先生曾工作于日本伊东丰雄建筑事务所,丹麦BIG建筑事务所,做为BIG的项目负责人主管其在中国,东南亚,欧洲和中东的多个项目,其建成作品曾获CTBUH全球最佳高层建筑奖,香港工程师协会年度卓越结构奖等多项国际大奖。

Currently, there are 3 chief architects in DESIGN HUB. They are Huang Mingjian, Ren Tian and He Song who are Chinese Americans. Now they all teach at the School of Architectural Art of China Academy of Art. All of them studied at Harvard GSD. Mr. Huang worked at or deeply cooperated with Oylerwu Collaborative, GriffinEnrightArchitects in America and other world-class architectural firms. He owns the world-class professional background. Mr. Ren Tian worked at Christian Kerez in Switzerland, MG2 in America, WOHA in Singapore, MateoArchitectura in Spain, Kengo Kuma and Associates (KKAA) and other world-class design firms. He owns rich design experience and advanced design concepts. Mr. He Song worked at Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects in Japan, BIG Architectural Firm Denmark. Now he works the project leader in charge of BIG projects in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East. His completed work is awarded CTBUH Best High-Rise Building Prize, Excellent Structure Prize from Hongkong Institution of Engineers and other international awards.

设计聚合的商业合伙人李萌,本科毕业于加州大学(欧文分校)金融专业,硕士毕业于美国佛罗里达大学 MBA,在加入DESIGN HUB之前曾任职美国 Disney Orlando 总部金融控制部 Director,致力于为设计聚合制定科学的发展战略、设计科学的商业管理机制、汇集优质资源、整合前沿的商业拓展体系,是聚合咨询业务的负责人。

Meng Li , partner of DESIGN HUB, graduated from the university of California, irvine, majoring in finance , as well as an MBA from University of Florida once worked in the financial control department of Disney Orlando headquarters as the department director. Working in Design Hub, she is now committed to the design of scientific development strategy and professional scientific management mechanism, the collection of excellent resources, as well as the integration of the forefront of business development system.She is responsible for the consultancy of the DESIGN HUB.




As a new design institution, Design Hub (DESIGN HUB) has accumulated many successful works around the world, including Harbin Institute of Technology, The Nature Conservancy, Alibaba Foundation, Hunan Satellite TV, Hangzhou Canal Group, Hualian Real Estate Group, China Fortune Land Development, Zhongnan-Zhidi, Blue Sky Media and a series of strong cultural and commercial groups, and the design services have won wide recognition and praise.



DESIGN HUB is located in Jin Sha Qu Garden which is close to a Four Seasons Hotel and Hangzhou Flower Garden.

设计聚合(DESIGN HUB)认为场所研究是设计的一种核心工具,并且尊重人的行为、材料性格以及当代技术与理念。因此,Design Hub的建筑实践在致力于于“形”(Form)的推演同时,更是注重探索如何借助现代科技去平衡建筑功能、成本、文脉、材料等因素,用符合现代人群心理、生活美学、文化传统的补充方式对建筑的传统分界提出挑战并进行诠释。

DESIGN HUB believes that place design is a core tool for design and respects human behavior, material property as well as modern technology and philosophy. Therefore, the architectural practice of the Design Hub is not limited to the deduction of the “Form”. It explores and uses modern technologies to balance function, cost, design and context, material and other factors in construction, challenges the traditional boundaries of architecture with complementary methods that conform to the modern crowd psychology, life aesthetics and cultural traditions and make new interpretations.




As a young, high-level, creative team, Design Hub has always adhered to the work concept of equality, collaboration and full communication. Team members enjoy hard work and can experience the joy of life while working. Design Hub is willing to offer a platform to show yourselves for excellent and young designers.Our salary structure is perfect, and welfare protection system is complete,we hope to create a life guarantee and work atmosphere for the team that can fully utilize their talents.



Milan Mansion for Zhejiang Radio and Television Group (bidding plan)

The architectural design of Qingdao High Speed Rail Town (bidding plan)

Construction landscapes and interior design of Qinhuangdao Tangshan Bay Sports Center (under construction)

Landscape design of Tangshan Bay Kindergarten (in the process of deepening the design)

Architectural design of Xi`an Zhongnan Lifestyle Center

Architectural design of Zaborin Restaurant in Xianju

Interior design of flagship store of I YU IN SOUL in Qianjiang New City (it is awarded with the 2018 Architecture Master Prize)

Construction planning and architectural design of Peking University Medical Industrial Park



O 建筑师2名(施工图绘制方向)Architects(CAD Drawing Direction)

1. 正规院校建筑学本科及以上学历,重点高校与海外留学背景优先;
2. 有工作经历者优先,熟知中国建筑设计相关规范,了解施工流程,具有较强的协调沟通能力;
3. 熟练应用 AutoCAD,SketchUp,AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)等专业软件;
4. 强烈的责任心,良好的团队合作能力和项目执行能力,能够配合快速的办公节奏;
5. 良好的英文交流能力,有境外学习、工作背景者优先;

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in architecture; candidates with overseas study or working experience, fluency in English will be preferred.
2.Have working experience in professional architecture offices, Familiar with Chinese architectural design specifications, understand the construction process, and have the ability of communication and coordination between parties of the project.
3.Proficiency in AutoCAD、SketchUp、AdobeSuite、Photoshop、Illustrator、indesginand other professional software.
4.Strong ability on team working, great co-working and project executing capability, able to cooperate with adapt tof fast pace in the office.
5.Candidates with overseas study or working experience, fluency in English will be preferred.

O 项目建筑师2名 Project Architect

1. 建筑学学士及以上学位,或国外同等学历;
2. 3年及以上建筑事务所工作经验;参与过公共建筑项目全过程者优先;兼具出色的设计能力和扎实的技术知识;关注建筑细节、材料构造,建筑落地性控制;
3. 具有优秀的职业素养和责任心,善于沟通,能够高效有序地带领设计团队;
4. 熟练应用Rhino, AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), AutoCAD等专业软件;
5. 有海外留学、工作经历,中英文俱佳者优先;

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in architecture; candidates with overseas study or working experience, fluency in English will be preferred.
2.Three years of solid working experience or above in professional architecture offices, prefer to have experience on complete design stages on public architecture design projects.
3.Excellent professional quality and responsibility, good at communicating, leading the team efficiently and orderly.
4.Proficiency in Auto CAD, Photoshop, Rhinoceros, Illustrator, indesgin and other professional software.
5.Candidates with overseas study or working experience, fluency in English will be preferred.

O 室内设计师2名 Interior Designer

1. 3年及以上工作经验,从事过项目的主持设计与管理工作,重点高校与海外留学背景优先;
2. 有较强的审美能力,熟悉现代主义和当代的设计手法;
3. 室内设计或环艺建筑设计相关专业,本科以上学历;
4. 熟练使用AutoCAD,Rhino, 3Dmax,Photoshop,InDesign等制图软件;
5. 有海外留学经验,较强的英语口头交流能力优先;
6. 有较强的沟通能力,团队合作能力和执行力,有设计管理经验者优先;

1.Three years solid working experience or above in professional architecture offices and project presiding and managing experience.
2.Strong aesthetic ability, familiar with modernism and contemporary design principles .
3.Bachelor degree or above, major in interior architecture or relevant.
4.Proficiency in Auto CAD、Photoshop、Rhinoceros、Illustrator、indesginand other professional software.
5.Overseas study or working experience and fluency in English will be preferred.
6.Strong communication skills, team cooperation ability and execution ability,and design management experience is preferred.

O 景观设计师2名 Landscape architect

1. 正规院校建筑学、规划、景观专业本科以上学历,有海外留学背景者优先;
2. 建筑学、景观建筑学、环境艺术等相关专业毕业,本科及以上学历;
3. 有设计行业工作经验,参与并完成过实施项目,有景观施工图经验或施工现场配合经验者优先;
5. 具有优秀的职业素养和责任心,有较强的沟通及团队协作能力;
6. 熟练应用AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), AutoCAD等专业软件;

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in architecture, planning and landscape; candidates with overseas study will be preferred;
2. Bachelor degree or above in architecture, landscape architecture, environment art and relevant majors;
3. Candidates who worked in design industry, participated and completed implemented projects, and have experience in drawing landscape construction plans and coordination on site will be preferred;
4. Familiar with China`s design standards relevant to construction plans in landscape and constructional engineering which are currently in effect as well as various materials and structure and construction methods. Be able to independently draw CAD construction plans, have good abilities to comprehend plans, and coordinate on site;
5. Excellent professional quality and responsibility, good at communicating and coordinating with team members;
6. Proficiency in AdobeSuite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), AutoCAD and other professional software.

O 行政商务助理

• 负责现有客户维护和潜在客户的沟通及拓展工作;
• 建立并维护商务数据库,包括但不限于市场信息,关键客户及项目经济等内容;
• 编制服务建议书、报价文件及合同文件等,并跟踪项目至合同签署和款项结算阶段;

• 建筑及市场相关专业本科及以上学历;
• 在建筑行业商务或市场部门1年以上的工作经历,对建筑行业和建筑设计流程有一定了解;
• 优秀的口头及书面表达能力,具备丰富的意向书、资格预审书等商业文件的编制经历和客户沟通经验,能够适应高速及多任务的工作环境;
• 熟练使用Adobe Creative Suite 和Microsoft Office软件。

O 建筑及室内设计实习生(若干) Architectural Interns

1. 建筑学,环艺,室内设计本科在读及以上学历;
2. 有良好的完善、发展设计能力和研究能力;
3. 熟练应用相关专业软件,有较强的手工模型制作能力;
4. 强烈的责任心和良好的团队合作能力;
5. 实习期不少于2个月者优先;
6. 实习补贴2000-3000人民币,并提供工作午餐。

1.Bachelor degree or above in architecture or interior design;
2.Have good improvement, development design ability and research ability;
3.Proficient in the application of relevant professional software, and have strong ability of manual modeling;
4.Strong sense of responsibility and great teamwork skills;
5.No less than 3 months of internship should be preferred;
6.Internship allowance of rmb 2000-3000 and providing working lunch.

If you are not satisfied with the above conditions, but you feel that you are a great candidate of the position, please let do not hesitate, contact us! We value each individual’s uniquepersonality.



1. 有意者请将简历及作品集 (PDF格式) 发至 hr@designhubarch.com
2. Email附件格式推荐为PDF文件,大小不超过10MB;
3. 邮件标题格式为(职位 + 全职/实习+姓名);

公司电话: 0571-89808916

1. Please submit your resume and portfolio (PDF format) to e-mail address hr@designhubarch.com
2. The format of e-mail attachment is recommended as PDF file, which size is less than 10MB;
3. The format of e-mail title should be formatted as (position + full time / internship+ name);

Please indicate the date of starting work or internship in the text of the e-mail. We will contact the qualified applicant to arrange interview within 10 days of receipt of the application. Please wait with patience.
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