(上海)AIM恺慕建筑设计事务所 – 建筑师 / 软装设计师 / 商务拓展

We are looking for senior architects to join our Shanghai studio to work on a variety of exciting new projects.

Are you an enthusiastic and highly motivated architect with at least 10 years of experience? Are you passionate about design? And can transform conceptual ideas into well organized and detailed buildings, lead a team and is generally a happy person, we would love to hear from you!

Experience in Asia or a strong desire to be part of the fast paced and sometimes crazy market in China is a must.

Submit your resume and portfolio in pdf format to 


招聘职位 | Job Position


Report to: Project Architect

Job Descriptions

• Actively part take in concept brainstorming and discussion by contributing concept ideas, research materials and design studies
• Attend site visit, take measurements and produce CAD drawings if necessary in order to help project leaders to better understand the spatial arrangement
• Produce 3D models and relevant slides to help the compilation of concept presentations
• Help modify and improve 3D models during SD stage
• Produce accurate, professional and detailed design drawings for SD and DD packages.
• Help produce hand sketches when necessary
• Guide renderers to produce renderings to better present final designs
• Propose, source and prepare materials boards
• Work with suppliers to work out cost estimate for materials if necessary
• Prepare bidding documents according to CAD drawings if necessary
• Based on understanding and instruction of Project Architects and Design Principals, lead and manage physical model building process if necessary
• Inspect construction sites on a regular basis and answer basic build questions
• Provide design solutions and manage revision of drawings when technical, sourcing, regulatory and/or budgetary issues arise
• Help keep an eye on T1 designers on drawing quality and accuracy

Basic Requirements:

• 5 years of work experience or display beyond-work-experience ability in concept AND drawings
• Ability to work independently
• Demonstration of maturity at work, ability to express oneself and ability to grasp concept/design narrative within AIM
• Good site experience (at least 2 built projects) or display of exceptional common sense on site
• Good command of both English and Chinese
• Excellent command of all important software i.e. SU, CAD, Rhino and Photoshop (a plus)

Must meet at least 5 of the criteria above.

Junior Designer – FF&E

Job Descriptions:
• Support senior designer in FF&E design to develop furniture for interior architecture project such as hospitality, retails…
• Participate and contribute proactively in concept development stage by offering ideas, sourcing reference ideas, gathering photos/materials and compiling presentation documents for FF&E / product design.
• Produce CAD drawings for furniture layout and custom made furniture/lightings.
• Propose, source and prepare materials boards
• Do factory visit for production inspection, attend site meetings and provide site report
• Assist senior designer to manage project deadlines and push each design process from SD, DD to handover
• English and Chinese speaker
• Proficient in Rhino/V-ray and comfortable with photoshop/Indesign
• Bachelor degree in product design or above.

O Business Development Position 

At Aim we are very aware of our impact on design, the influence and change it can enable on society. But our ambition is never-ending and the world is huge. We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic business developer to help us extend this global reach, through discovery and exploration of new and untapped opportunities.

Are you outgoing and positive? Do you think out of the box? Are you both pragmatic and idealistic?
Are you the one who is always up to date of the new and the latest hot design spots and trends in the world?
Do you dream of making ideals work and turning business plans into real architecture and stunning interior spaces and believe good design can create change?
Do you have the ambition to bring an award-winning, multidisciplinary architectural & interior design office to new levels?
Do you want to be part of a creative platform, inspire a team of like-minded go-getters to achieve our company vision?
Are you the kind that are driven by job satisfaction and wants to achieve more by working efficiently, steadily, and enthusiastically?
Do you want to be part of an inspiring, collaborative, inclusive, professional, cool & fun office?

If so, AIM is the perfect place for you!

1. Proven experience working as a business development manager or junior with immense ambition.
2. Fluent in both mandarin Chinese and English – both written and spoken.
3. Bachelor degree in business, management and or architecture
3. Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications.
4. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written.
5. Good analytical, problem-solving and organization skills.
6. Good negotiation and decision-making skills
7. Strong business acumen.
8. Detail-orientated.
9. A positive attitude.
10. Good sense of design aesthetic and well-composed appearance.

Objectives of this Role:

1.Fully understanding of AIM’s philosophy and approach, our past and existing projects, what we are, where we are heading to, and what we would like to achieve in the near and far future.
2. Managing both our existing sales pipeline and developing new business opportunities.
3.Manage and negotiate contracts, follow-up with passion to secure a better future for the office, our team and the client.
4.Take a lead role in the development of proposals and presentations for new business materials to create and nurture business opportunities and partnerships.
5.Identify trends and customer needs, building a short/medium/long-term sales pipeline in accordance with targets
6.Follow up new businesses opportunities and set up meetings.
7.Represent AIM to engage in industry networking or related events to enhance the company’s visibility in the industry as well as strengthen our networks for potential and future projects opportunities.
8.Work with Studio Manager and Senior Business Manager to draft and to negotiate contracts with clients and our sub-consultants/suppliers, and with the accounts department to ensure timely billing and payment throughout the projects.
9.Assist Studio Manager and senior business manager to draft business plans to propose how we can create more exposure and ways to secure projects of our preferences.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:

• Monitor and evaluate industry trends and customer drivers and meet regularly with management to discuss strategy
• Manage proposal response process, including detailed RFP requirements, content creation, and inputs from various sources
• Generate new leads, identify, and contact decision-makers, screen potential business opportunities, select the deals in line with strategies, and lead and facilitate pitch logistics
• Support deal structure and pricing with business value analysis; negotiate prices for proactive bids and proposals
• Develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain, company vision and customer satisfaction
• Conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs
• Arrange business meetings with prospective clients
• Promote the company’s vision and passion, addressing or predicting clients’ objectives.
• Build long-term relationships with new and existing customers
• Maintain and share professional knowledge through education, networking, events, and presentations.


公司简介 | About Us

Founded by Wendy Saunders and Vincent de Graaf in 2005, AIM Architecture is an award-winning studio, located in Shanghai, with an international team of 35 architects and interior designers who work on a large variety of projects in China and beyond.

Our work is inspired by its context and the fine line between vision and practicality. The journey from concept to final product is made with attention, devotion to quality and an ability to see small details within the bigger picture. With 13 years in shanghai, we understand the complexity of building in Asia. And having gained experience in the different scales of design, architecture and urban planning. We have come to appreciate projects where we can combine all these aspects. Collaborative across different fields, resulting in more complete and integrated projects.

At AIM, process is part of the purpose.

AIM恺慕建筑设计事务所由Wendy Saunders和Vincent de Graaf于2005年成立并屡次获得多个国内国际建筑大奖。目前事务所所位于上海,拥有约35人左右的建筑设计师和室内设计师团队,设计项目覆盖中国全境以及境外。



公司项目 | Projects

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