Jewel Changi Airport by Safdie Architects

Setting new standard for community-centric airport

Project Specs


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由Safdie Architects设计的新加坡樟宜机场项目“星耀樟宜”于2019年4月正式向公众开放。

Designed by Safdie Architects, Jewel Changi Airport, the newest development at Singapore’s award-winning Changi Airport, has commenced a phased opening in April 2019.

▼项目整体鸟瞰,project exterior overview


Fulflling its mission as a connector between the existing terminals, Jewel combines two environments—an intense marketplace and a paradise garden—to create a new community-centric typology as the heart, and soul, of Changi Airport. Jewel weaves together an experience of being in nature with culture and leisure facilities, dramatically asserting the idea of the airport as an uplifting and vibrant urban center, and echoing Singapore’s reputation as “the City in the Garden.”

▼内部空间概览,interior view


The publicly accessible 135,700 sqm center includes facilities for landside airport operations, indoor gardens and leisure attractions, retail offerings, restaurants and cafes, and hotel facilities, all under one roof. Directly connected to Terminal 1 and to Terminals 2 and 3 via pedestrian bridges, Jewel engages both in-transit passengers as well as the public at large. Each of the cardinal axes—north, south, east and west—are reinforced by gateway gardens that orient the visitors and offer visual connections between the internal program elements of Jewel and the other airport terminals.

▼“星耀樟宜”将繁忙的商业空间和环境宜人的花园融合为一个整体,Jewel combines an intense marketplace and a paradise garden—to create a new community-centric typology as the heart, and soul, of Changi Airport

位于核心地带的“森林谷”(Forest Valley)是一个阶梯式的室内花园,包含了步道、人工瀑布和安静的休息区,为游客带来多样化的互动式体验。超过200种植物围绕着位于中央的“雨旋涡”(rain vortex)——这是全世界最高的室内瀑布(约七层楼高),从建筑拱顶上的圆洞一路倾泻至底部的森林谷花园。瀑布的流量最大可达到1万加仑/分钟,可以起到为景观环境降温的作用,从瀑布收集到的雨水还将在建筑中得到重新利用。

▼“森林谷”,Forest Valley

At the heart of Jewel is the Forest Valley, a terraced indoor garden that offers many spatial and interactive experiences featuring walking trails, cascading waterfalls, and quiet seating areas. Amid the more than 200 different species of trees and fora, is the world’s tallest indoor waterfall —a ‘rain vortex’—showering down from an oculus in the domed roof to the Forest Valley garden seven stories below. The waterfall—at peak conditions flowing at more than 10,000 gallons per minute—aids in the cooling of the landscape environment and collects significant rain water to be re-used in an around the building. Surrounding the gardens is a multi-level retail marketplace on five levels that access the garden via a series of vertical canyons.

▼“雨旋涡” – 全世界最高的室内瀑布, ‘rain vortex’, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall

▼瀑布可以起到为景观环境降温的作用,the waterfall aids in the cooling of the landscape environment

▼灯光效果,lighting effect



The geometry of Jewel is based on a semi-inverted toroidal dome roof. Measuring 200 meters across at the longest span, and supported only intermittently along the rim of the garden, the integrated structure and façade system allows for a near column free interior.

▼圆形屋顶外观,dome roof exterior view

▼几乎无柱的内部空间,a near column free interior


Achieving a level of comfort for the diversity of activities, as well as to sustain the vast array of plant life within adequate sunlight, required an integrated system of glazing, static and dynamic shading, and an innovative and efficient displacement ventilation system. Jewel is slated to receive Singapore’s GreenMark Platinum status.

▼动态玻璃遮阳系统为植物带来适宜的光照,an integrated system of glazing, shading sustains the vast array of plant life within adequate sunlight

▼灌木花园,the topiary walk

位于第五层的是“穹顶公园”(Canopy Park),包含14000平方米的、与花园空间相结合的休闲景观。网状的结构悬浮在树冠之间,玻璃悬桥、树篱迷宫和镜子迷宫共同营造出沉浸式的梦幻体验。此外,景观中还包含众多与国际知名艺术家合作完成的独特装置。其余的功能还包括灌木花园步道、园艺展区和一个可容纳1000人的活动广场。“星耀樟宜”的落成足以令机场本身成为一处充满魅力的景点。

On the fifth level is the Canopy Park, which includes 14,000 sqm of attractions integrated within the garden spaces. These include net structures suspended within the trees, a suspended catenary glass-bottom bridge walk, a planted hedge maze and mirror maze, and feature installations completed in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists. Additional features include a topiary walk, horticultural displays, and an event plaza for 1,000 people. With Jewel, the airport has become a destination in its own right.

▼屋顶下的玻璃悬桥,the suspended catenary glass-bottom bridge walk

▼穹顶公园的网道,Manulife Nets at Canopy Park

▼游戏设施,play area

▼装置:探索滑梯,Discovery Slides at Canopy Park

▼由Andy Cao和Xavier Perrot设计的艺术装置:晶云,art installation Crystal Clouds by artists Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot

▼施工阶段,construction phase


Design Architect: Safdie Architects
Lead Designer: Moshe Safdie
Principals: Jaron Lubin, Charu Kokate, Greg Reaves
Project Team: David Foxe, Seunghyun Kim, Benjy Lee,
Dan Lee, Peter Morgan, Reihaneh Ramezany, Laura
Rushfeldt, Isaac Safdie, Damon Sidel, Temple Simpson,
Lee Hua Tan, Andrew Tulen.
Atelier Ten: Environmental & Sustainable Design
Benoy: Retail Interiors
Buro Happold Engineering: Building Structure and Facades
ICN International Singapore: Executive Landscape Architect
Lighting Planners Associates: Lighting Design
Mott MacDonald: MEP
Pentagram and Entro Communications: Signage/Wayfnding
PWP Landscape Architecture: Landscape Design
RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd: Executive Architect
RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd: Structure
WET Design: Water Feature
Photo credits: ©Safdie Architects ©Jewel Changi Airport ©DarrenSoh

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