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Appreciation towards Hype Studio for providing the following description:


House located in a high-end gated community in the southern district of Porto Alegre, Brazil. The program is divided in three floors for a couple with two children who enjoy having friends over for parties and celebrations.The underground level has technical rooms, staff rooms and parking for 40 cars – in fact, it’s a small museum for the owner’s antique car collection. The ground floor has a huge open space with living and dining rooms, a home office, a home theater and the kitchen. Large sliding doors make it possible to hide or completely open the home theater and the kitchen to the living room. A separate building houses a space for entertainment and parties. The second floor has four en-suite bedrooms.

▼住宅立面, the facade

▼入口, the entrance


▼二层立面同时为房间提供遮阳, the second floor facade works as shading for the bedrooms


▼进入室内回看入口, the doorway viewing from inside

▼入口特别设计的楼梯连接二层,the specially designed stairs connecting to the second floor

▼二层通高的室内空间,横向竖向都将空间拉伸,two-floor high main living space, stretching the space both vertically and horizontally

▼家庭影院的滑门可以完全打开, large sliding doors make it possible to hide or completely open the home theater

▼储藏空间和房门也可隐蔽在墙壁中, storage spaces are hidden as walls



The design uses two huge concrete walls on the sides to block the neighbors’ views to the house, granting privacy – same strategy used with for locating the entertainment space in the back of the site. The southern façade has double height glass windows, allowing the entire living room to enjoy beautiful views of Lake Guaíba. The northern façade has shadings and cantilevers that allow the control of direct sunlight – reason why all four bedrooms face the north. In the roof, a steel grid extends above the inner yard, creating the feeling that the house extends itself, mixing outdoor and indoor spaces.

▼两侧巨大的混凝土墙不仅起到剪力墙的结构作用,还与主要生活空间的体量巧妙地夹出了竖向流通空间;左图为西墙南看,右图为东墙北看,the two huge concrete walls act as sheer walls structurally and sandwich the vertical circulation space against the main living volume;left image is the western wall looking south, and right image is the eastern wall looking north


▼北立面的悬臂结构,一层形成了深深的门廊,二层有着四个朝北的房间;the cantilever structure on the north, with four bedrooms on the second floor and a long horizontal porch at ground floor

▼从二层俯瞰生活空间,南面玻璃墙向花园打开,looking down at the living space from second floor, the southern facade opens to the garden

▼屋顶的钢网格构件一直延伸到庭院内部,仿佛是室内空间的延展;the steel grid in the roof extends to the inner garden, linking the interior and the exterior space

▼独立位于南侧的娱乐空间,深藏内部,面朝花园的一面用玻璃完全打开;the independent entertainment building is hidden deeply inside, opening up to the inner garden with glass facade


The underground level is a concrete box built with a ribbed slab roof that allows large spans. A reflecting pool with a glass bottom allows natural light in – as well as views from the inner yard. The house structure is made of steel with slender pillars, also allowing large free spans. The entire project follows a 190×190 cm grid that is clearly visible in the roof structure throughout the house.

▼地下层巨大的停车区域,肋板屋顶减少了结构柱数量;the steel grid in the roof extends to the inner garden, linking the interior and the exterior space

▼玻璃制的倒影池连接庭院与地下空间,使得地下层也可享受充裕的阳光;the glass reflecting pool connects the garden and the underground space, letting light penetrates into the dark underground

▼从地下到花园,from underground level to the garden

▼花园的另一端,the other end of the garden

▼娱乐楼旁的映景水池,the reflecting pond by the entertainment building


▼娱乐楼的屋顶花园,the roof garden of the entertainment building

▼地下层平面,the underground floor plan

▼首层平面,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面,the first floor plan


▼设计思路分析图,diagrams for design strategies


项目名称: Jardim do Sol 住宅
建筑公司: Hype工作室
项目建筑师: Fernando Balvedi
项目地址: Av. Cavalhada 5205, Porto Alegre/RS
完成年份: 2017
总建筑面积: 2.000 m² / 21,500 sq ft
摄影: Marcelo Donadussi
设计团队: Fernando Balvedi, Jean Grivot, Maurício Santos, Luísa Konzen, Naiara Forneck, Luis Bonilla, Bruno Carvalho.
结构: Constsul Engenharia
水电工程师: Filippon Engenharia
空调系统: Sistema Engenharia
灯光设计: Sandra Thomé Luminoténica
景观设计: Karol Gehlen

1. Scheid – 木板,窗框和门;
2. Monte Grappa – 钢结构;
3. Inotech – 玻璃扶手和楼梯;
4. Thyssen Krupp – 电梯
5. Deca – 水龙头, 花洒, 清洁器具
6. Palimanan – 水池石材覆面
7. La Cava – 酒柜

Project name: Casa Jardim do Sol (Jardim do Sol House)
Architecture Firm: Hype Studio
Lead Architect: Fernando Balvedi
Project location: Av. Cavalhada 5205, Porto Alegre/RS
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 2.000 m² / 21,500 sq ft
Photo credits: Marcelo Donadussi
Photographer’s website: http://www.mdonadussi.com.br/#arquitetura
Other participants:
Architecture Team: Fernando Balvedi, Jean Grivot, Maurício Santos, Luísa Konzen, Naiara Forneck, Luis Bonilla, Bruno Carvalho.
Structural Engineer: Constsul Engenharia
Electrical and Plumbing Engineer: Filippon Engenharia
HVAC: Sistema Engenharia
Lighting Design: Sandra Thomé Luminoténica
Landscape Design: Karol Gehlen

Product Information
1. Scheid – Wooden panels, doors and windows;
2. Monte Grappa – Steel structure;
3. Inotech – Glass railing and staircases;
4. Thyssen Krupp – elevator
5. Deca – faucets, showers, sanitary ware
6. Palimanan – pool stone cladding
7. La Cava – wine cellar

More: Hype Studio


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