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James Gilleard是一位来自英国的插画家,喜欢老动画片的他才华横溢且不断挑战自己。他告诉gooood:“我给自己6个月时间专注于突破自我,为此我目前暂时搬到日本。我如今的风格已经存在一段时间,但是一直没有机会和时间去探索,所以这次的日本之行对我来讲是一个完美时刻。过去复杂和商业化的风格已成为我的束缚,我想做自由写意但是也拥有强烈数字感的作品。Glitch艺术也让我深受影响。”


James Gilleard is an Illustrator and Animator living and working in London. He love old cartoons – 1950s animation, vintage film posters, pulp comics, past future predictions, birds, dinosaurs, robots, 1960s cars and loads of other rubbish.

James Gilleard told gooood :” I moved to Japan for an extended 6 month holiday with the intension of not doing any payed work and focusing on personal work. I’ve had an idea about a variation on my style for a while but no time or opportunity to explore it so I thought Japan would be the perfect time.

My older style, for me had become stale and laboured and maybe a bit too complicated for use commercially. I wanted to do something more ‘loose’ and impressionistic while being obviously digital and geometric. Glitch art was also an influence. ”

James Gilleard’s most recent works are very different from the past. The rich and soft colors create more authenticity of scenes, landscapes, builidings than before. They look more like reflections of real world rather than  animation. The angular outline and multi-layered colors are coverd by same background elements which look like circuit board with polylines, points and triangle elements and form the sense of data and geometry.



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