Jagged timber school with solar roof by Skop

ecological school with folded roof structure

Project Specs


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The school is located in a residential neighbourhood in the Swiss village of Port. With its characteristic folded roof structure, the school references the pitched roofs of the surrounding houses, the rural history of the region and the smooth hills of the Jura Mountains. Placed on a gentle slope, the building takes advantage of the topography and links various outdoor spaces according to the different access routes of the school children. While the ground floor is used for faculty administration, workshops, a school kitchen and back of the house rooms, the first floor comprises of nine class rooms and three kindergarten units. The upper rooms naturally benefit from the spatial qualities of the folded roof. Each classroom appears to be an independent little house, creating a cozy and homelike atmosphere for the children.

▼建筑周边环境一览 ,the overview of  surrounding area ©Julien Lanoo

▼木质锯齿状屋顶建筑外观,exterior view with jagged timber roof ©Simon von Gunten


Adjacent classrooms are linked with each other through large doors as well as having direct access to group working spaces and a generous multifunctional middle zone. This layout allows maximal flexibility for current and future teaching and learning methodologies. Large parts of the interior walls are developed as floor to ceiling magnetic blackboards, inviting the pupils to express themselves. A series of skylights provide daylight to the internal areas while the rooms along the facades receive natural light from two directions due to their angular position.

▼建筑正面入口,the front entrance of the building ©Simon von Gunten

▼依势而建的建筑连接室外活动空间 ,the building takes advantage of the topography and links various outdoor spaces ©Simon von Gunten


The school’s principal structure is a prefabricated timber construction. Wood as the only construction material that stores carbon is also used for the facade and the interior – all the way down to the furniture. Therefore, the school building can be seen as a large carbon storage. All timber used comes from sustainable forestry. The other construction materials are products with low environmental impact, meeting high ecological building requirements.

▼教室看起来像一座独立的小房子,the classroom like an independent little house ©Julien Lanoo

▼沿建筑侧面自然光线进入教室 ,along the facades natural light into the classroom ©Simon von Gunten

▼建筑内部楼梯空间 ,the staircase of  the building ©Simon von Gunten


The school is an energy-plus building with the rating MINERGIE-A®. As per the Swiss Confederation code, such a classification requires a high-grade, air-tight building envelope and the continuous renewal of air in the building by using an energy-efficient ventilation system. Operable windows for natural cross ventilation, night cooling and greater comfort are integrated as well. Not only is the school connected to the district heating, it also serves as a communal power station: more than 1100 solar panels on the roof generate about 300 kWp which is enough to cover the electricity needs of the school and another 50 households.

▼场地平面 ,the site plan ©Skop

▼建筑底层平面 ,the underground plan ©Skop

▼建筑一层平面 ,the first-floor plan ©Skop

▼建筑东立面图 ,the eastern elevation of the building ©Skop

▼建筑西立面图 ,the western elevation of the building ©Skop

▼建筑剖面 ,the section of the building ©Skop

Location:Port, Switzerland
Area:3570.0 m2
Project Year:2017
Photographs:Simon von Gunten, Julien Lanoo

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