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Perched high above the town of Jackson with wide views of the snowcapped peaks and vast valley of the Grand Teton National Park. Our clients, themselves exceptionally talented designers, embarked on this project after falling in love with the place and set out on a journey to create a beautiful home in this extraordinary landscape.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © David Agnello

▼项目鸟瞰,bird view of the project © David Agnello


The design united elements of both European chalet and classic American cabin. The orientation, design and natural materials – reclaimed and new – ensure the building links to the land. The silvered cedar shingle roof blends with the majestic landscape beyond. As the years pass the external stonework will cover with lichen, the sagebrush will gradually creep up to the boundaries of the house as the building marries with the landscape.

▼住宅的设计融合了欧式木屋和美式经典木屋的元素,design united elements of both European chalet and classic American cabin © David Agnello

▼大面积的玻璃将自然光与景观引入室内,Large areas of glazing bring natural light and views into the interior © David Agnello

▼立面细部,detail of the exterior © Peter Cook


The detail and feel of the house were developed in close collaboration with our clients. A restricted palette of natural materials and tactile elements were chosen to be improved by the patina of use and age to contribute to the ambience of the house.

▼门厅玄关,entrance porch © Peter Cook

▼客厅,living room © Peter Cook

▼客厅旁的走道与滑动玻璃门,walkway off the living room with sliding glass doors © Peter Cook

▼餐厅,dining area © Peter Cook

▼厨房,kitchen © Peter Cook

▼厨房旁边的小型用餐空间享有绝佳的景观视野,eating space beside the kitchen with great views © Peter Cook


The smell of timber, the feel of the flooring underfoot, tactile contours of handles and handrails, and the breeze that passes freely through the house when the glass walls slid open. The experience is sensory and authentic to the place.

▼书房,reading room © Peter Cook

▼卧室,bedroom © Peter Cook

▼浴室,bathroom © Peter Cook

▼总平面图,site plan ©McLean Quinlan

Project Name: Jackson Hole House
Architecture Firm: McLean Quinlan
Website: www.mcleanquinlan.com
Contact Email: studio@mcleanquinlan.com
Firm Location: Winchester/London United Kingdom
Completion Year: 2015
Project Location: Wyoming USA
Additional Credits
Design Team: Executive Architects – Berlin Architects
Engineering: G&S Structural Engineers
Landscape: Verdone Landscape Architects
M&E: CN Engineers
Contractor: North Fork Builders Inc
Photographers: Peter Cook and David Agnello

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