Isabel Besora school by NAM Arquitectura

concise design that fits the triangular plot

Project Specs


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▼建筑平面,the plan

The building is in a triangular lot of limited dimensions. Another exposition was not fitting so we make a compact volume in the limits of the lot. The resultant building in the shape of “L” attends to the standard program of this type of equipments, looking for the simplicity and organizational clarity of classrooms and rest of spaces.

▼从街道看学校入口,the school entrance from the street

▼从街道看学校入口,the school entrance from the street

▼与室外相接的走廊空间,corridor space connected to the outdoor


A great corridor and central stairs of access relate the whole building illuminated in addition with a great skylight. Separating the building respect of the railroads one finds the sports track, porches and zone of playtime hoisted. The construction fulfils in seen concrete with slat of wood, glass as closing in diverse formats and ended and metallic diverse lattices in dark gray. The interior lined with white DM simplifies and reduces to the maximum any visual pollution and tries to create a luminous and neutral environment. A graphical system of codes puts up signs on the different classrooms and spaces of the center.

▼白色简洁的教室空间,the white simple classroom

▼顶部的天窗为室内提供了良好的采光,the whole building illuminated in addition with a great skylight

▼走廊与中央楼梯将各个空间连接起来,a great corridor and central stairs of access relate the whole building

▼场地图,the site plan

▼剖面&立面图,section and elevation

More: NAM Arquitectura。更多关于他们:NAM Arquitectura on gooood 

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