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Use bricks to paint on the wall

Project Specs

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Inspired by local swimming holes, Intelligentsia Coffee’s Austin store was imagined as an urban escape from the heat of a Texas Summer. Located a new shiny high-rise building, the primary goal was to make something handmade and overcome a heavy handed corporate architect’s moves.

▼咖啡店位于高层建筑的一楼,coffee shop is located on the first floor of a high-rise building © Chase Daniel

▼咖啡店店面概览,overview© Chase Daniel


Drawing from the geology of a swimming hole, the Interiors are a conversation between two earthen elements: The Weathered Rock and The Brick Wall. Conceived as a ‘Weathered Rock’ the Coffee Bar is made of sculpted Texas Gray Lueders limestone, the same stone found throughout Texas swimming holes. The Bar’s horseshoe shape centers the room, allowing customers to flow around the coffee making experience.

▼ 咖啡店吧台采用灰色石灰石,Coffee Bar is made of gray limestone© Chase Daniel

▼ 吧台边靠墙的座位,seats against the wall near the bar © Chase Daniel

吧台墙壁和家具中使用的石灰石来自德克萨斯州佛罗伦萨的Continential Cut Stone。这家公司擅长利用手工技术将开采的的石灰石切割并加工成各种圆形或圆柱形。咖啡店中木质家具和门使用了倾倒的星毛栎材料,来自于奥斯汀机场附近的Bastrop县。

The limestone used on the coffee island walls and furnishings was sourced from Continential Cut Stone in Florence, Texas. Quarried blocks of Limestone were cut by hand and machine to various rounded and cylindrical shapes. Wood furnishings and doors utilized Post Oak made from fallen trees Bastrop County, near Austin’s Airport.

▼ 木质桌椅,wood furnitures, table and seats © Chase Daniel

▼ 石灰石被打磨成圆柱状,limestone were machine to cylindrical shapes © Chase Daniel

类似于WPA壁画的“砖墙”不仅是空间内的视觉焦点,还在功能上遮盖住了全部的暖通系统。为了避免过于繁重的建筑设计改造,设计师请来了奥斯汀艺术家Erin Curtis来设计壁画。她为咖啡店创作的作品名为“我们生活的星球”,是一系列具有层次的图案。全尺寸的砖被切割,像纺织品一样编织在一起。这幅作品一共花费了4800块实心砖,产生了10000个切缝。

‘The Brick Wall’ acts as a visual element to the room, akin to the WPA murals, luring in customers and functionally hiding all of the HVAC systems. To avoid a heavy-handed architectural design, we brought on Erin Curtis, an Austin-based artist, to design the mural. The piece she created for this project, ‘We Are Living On A Star; is a series of layered patterns, woven together like a textile of cut full sized brick. It took 4,800 solid bricks, with 10,000 cuts in its fabrication.

▼ 壁画般的砖墙将成为空间内视觉焦点,the mural-like brick wall acts as a visual element to the room © Chase Daniel

▼ 砖墙细部,由切割的砖块编织而成,detail of the brick wall,  woven together like a textile of cut full sized brick © Chase Daniel

釉面砖来自于德克萨斯州最古老的砖造公司之一,Elgin Butler。该公司位于奥斯汀东北部30英里处。自1870年代起,Elgin Butler生产的砖几乎遍布整个奥斯汀的建筑。为了避免项目的延误,团队为砖选择了烧制失败的形状但拒绝了库存中已有的颜色。

The glazed bricks were manufactured by Elgin Butler, one of the oldest brick companies in Texas and located 30 miles Northeast of Austin. Elgin Butler brick can be found in most buildings throughout Austin dating to the 1870’s. To avoid project delays and roadblocks, the team selected misfired shapes and rejected colors that were in stock.

▼釉面砖生产过程,production process of the glazed bricks © Chase Daniel

Project size: 750 ft2
Project budget: $500000
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Photo: Chase Daniel

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