Installation Knot, China by Cyril Lancelin (town and concrete)

To explore different spaces separated by unusual separating boundaries

Project Specs


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This installation fills a volume, and compartmentalizes it into different spaces. It becomes a labyrinth with passages and places. This installation is based on a knitting node, the trefoil knot, a primitive form on which the design of the 3-dimensional structure is modeled.

▼装置填满了一座建筑体量,the installation fills a volume

▼装置的结构形成于三叶形纽结的编织,the installation is based on the trefoil knot


The trefoil can be obtained by joining together the two ends of a common overhand knot, resulting in a knotted loop. The trefoil is named after the three-leaf clover (or trefoil) plant. Several nodes have been juxtaposed, and a continuous and closed line connects them. This immersive installation makes it possible to explore different spaces separated by unusual separating boundaries. You have to bend down, step over, go around to get around. The pink color very present will allow the work to be detached from its environment. Its general volume is very easily identifiable by the presence of this colored mass.

▼一座有着丰富路径和场所的迷宫,a labyrinth with passages and places

▼人们得以探索一系列由异常边界进行分割的空间,the installation makes it possible to explore different spaces separated by unusual separating boundaries



This architectural exploration, we learn about alternatives to simple partitions to delimit several spaces. This installation could be the partition and the structure of a building. The variety of node loops allows the installation to have a variety of explorations. She visits herself, but she also looks at herself with an outside eye. The experience is inside but also outside, and especially from all angles. The node is an assembly, the installation is a node.




site of the project: Hangzhou, China
date: November 2017
credits: Cyril Lancelin / town and concrete
curator: Imin Pao
photographies: town and concrete
client: Asia Design Management Forum & Ideal Life Fair
manufacturer: Airglow Taiwan
images: town and concrete

More:town and concrete,更多关于他们:town and concrete on gooood

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