Inner Circles by Cyril Lancelin (town and concrete)

Giant glowing circles creates an immersive artificial landscape

Project Specs

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Inner Circles sculptures in the reading garden of Cleveland Public Library  play with the landscape, encompassing the trees and blending into the green area.


圆形的特征在于起点与终点的闭合,而任何一个点都可以充当起点和终点。圆上的轨迹是不确定且无止境的。Inner Circles正是由环形和类似于环形的体量构成的装置,它们引导参观者在花园的路径上进行探索,从每个视角都能够看到一幅崭新的画面。这些充气的雕塑旨在为游客带来沉浸式的体验,以柔软的表面吸引着人们去触摸,同时与空间产生互动。

The beginning of any circle merges with the end of that circle, and the number of beginnings and ends is infinite. A trajectory on a circle is never-ending and fixed. Each Inner Circles sculpture is formed with circles or circle-like shapes. The sculptures lead visitors through the garden on paths of discovery, with each viewing angle offering a new perspective on the sculptural curves. The inflatable sculptures are immersive. The softness of the fabric invite the visitor to touch and interact with those new spaces.


The landscape elements created by the sculptures blend with the green elements of the garden. The elements work in echo, one hiding the other, one revealing the other, and back and forth. The sculptures’ colors emphasize the vegetation.


During the day, the sun draws circles and curves on the ground, while at night the bright circles illuminate the garden. The curves appear and disappear behind the foliage and branches. Following the rhythm of the light, the images continuously renew.


Like books, the sculptures take us into artificial universes, where we invent settings for their stories based on our interpretations of an author’s descriptions. There are endless possibilities. The readers let their imaginations work.


dates: july-october 2019

artist: Cyril Lancelin /town.and.concrete

client: Cleveland Public Library

site: Estman Garden, Cleveland Public Library

curator/producer: Land Studio

manufacturer: Inflatable Images

images: town.and.concrete

photos: Cyril Lancelin

video link: 

instagram: @town.and.concrete; @landstudio; @clevelandpubliclibrary 

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