Infinite cycle created by the gestures of wave.

Project Specs


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作品的设计概念抽象自香港的海浪、潮水及山丘这些自然元素。 波浪及潮水的律动可以融合创造出一个无限的迴圈,其内在的联系及由此而生的能量,形成并定义了香港人灵动及奋发的精神面貌。

The concept captures the two natural features of Hong Kong in the waves and peaks of the waters and mountains found in our natural environment. The two gestures of wave and peak can be connected together to create an infinite cycle, emphasizing the inter-relationship and energy of these two natural forms in which shape and define Hong Kongers as a whole.

▼装置外观,external view of the installation



▼形态生成过程,generation diagram


The choice to use steel as the material of the sculpture is to bring an element of time to the art. As the steel slowly oxidizes and changes color, it reflects on the changing natural landscape such as the erosion of rocks, rising sea waves, or even the disappearance through reclamation and excavation. The 3 x 3 x 3 meter sculpture consists of cnc cut steel pieces which offers different perspectives of the loop seen from different angle.

▼耐候钢给人以时间感,use of weathering steel gives a feeling of time

设计师设想这个设计可以代表这个城市及其与山水共生的象徵。 表徵著香港人所拥抱的文化及生活态度,自然对香港人生活方式与轨迹的影响。

The artwork represents the city and its symbiosis with the natural creating a figure of harmony. It is a representation of what Hong Kongers embrace through their culture and lifestyles, as these natural elements affect the way they live and move through their environment.

▼人与装置的互动,interaction between people and installation



Type: Sculpture. Commissioned as part of Hong Kong SAR 20th Anniversary
Organizer: HKSAR Development bureau, HKIA, HKILA,HKIUD
Location: Tamar Park, Hong Kong
Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Designer: STUDIO KOTA Hong Kong/Jakarta (
Team: Kenneth Sit, Erick Kristanto
Collaborator: Yau Wing Yan, Yvonne
Photo credit: Kenneth Sit

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