Inclusive School in Tel Aviv, Israel by Sarit Shani Hay

Creating accessible and equal educational environment

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多次获奖的特拉维夫设计师Sarit Shani Hay完成了他的又一代表性作品,特拉维夫的第一所全纳学校,该学校使大众重新认识了新一代学龄儿童应该接受怎样的全纳教育。设计师同名事务所承接了该学校的设计任务,旨在构建多元化的学习环境,以实现无障碍的,平等的且灵活的设计需求。

Tel Aviv-based award-winning designer, Sarit Shani Hay’s flagship project, the first inclusive school in Tel Aviv puts a fresh face on what inclusive education should look like for school-aged children of today’s generation. Her eponymous studio took on the challenge of creating a pluralistic learning environment that encourages accessibility, equality and flexibility of universal design.

▼学校大厅,school hall © Roni Cnaani

▼楼梯下的活动装置,activity facilities under stairs © Roni Cnaani

▼铺设软垫的阶梯状座椅,upholstered stepped seat © Roni Cnaani

特拉维夫第一所全纳学校建立的初衷是以全纳学习模式为出发点,创建出适合所有人的学习环境。这所占地2000平方米的公立学校支持残疾学生加入常规课堂,并致力于回应每个孩子的特殊需求。学校中百分之25的学生有肢体上的残缺,情绪问题或患有自闭症,但在这所学校里,所有学生的不同都被鼓励与包容。儿童环境领域的专家Shani Hay在过去的十多年中,致力于儿童公共空间设计,并投身于以色列学习空间的创新改革。Shani Hay说道:“这个项目使我们有机会深入研究设计与教育,并探讨如何用设计推进社会变革,使之成为改善所有儿童福祉的有利工具。”

▼学习空间使用自然的木材,natural wood materials in study area © Roni Cnaani

The first inclusive school in Tel Aviv was designed to support the inclusive learning model by creating an environment that works for everyone. This public school, covering 2,000sqm, supports the integration of students with disabilities into regular classrooms, with the understanding that each child is unique with his/her specific needs. Twenty-five percent of the students have physical disabilities, emotional problems, or are on the autistic spectrum and interact together in a space that encourages collaboration while celebrating the diversity of the students. Shani Hay, a pioneer in the field of children’s environments, has specialized over the last decade in the design of public spaces for children with a focus on innovative learning spaces throughout Israel. “This project gave us the opportunity to explore in-depth what happens when design meets pedagogy and how can we use design as a tool for social change- as a tool for promoting inclusion, and enhancing all children’s well being,” explains Shani Hay.

▼教室中可移动的半圆形长凳,removable semi-circular bench in room © Roni Cnaani

▼异形沙发,custom-made sofa © Roni Cnaani

▼教室一角的定制家具,custom-made furniture in classroom © Roni Cnaani

设计师开始设计前,与特殊教育的专家进行了深入的交流,以将全纳教育这一书面理论转化为实际的空间,创造出令人愉悦的体验式学习环境。依此设计出的空间不仅能以多种方式激发孩子的参与感,还能增强他们的归属感及同理心。学校内设有不同类型的教室及诊疗室,例如物理治疗室,瑜伽冥想室及私享学习空间。每个教室的角落都装饰有软垫及定制的可移动家具。学校选用了淡雅的色彩组合及天然的木质材料,以减少学生情绪上的压力。以提升生活技能为主的活动空间寓教于乐,例如在特殊的算盘上刻上字母和图案以学习盲文及手语。为小组活动设计的环形长凳被分为两半,可自由组合,使得所有学生(包括坐轮椅的学生)都能够随时随地加入到小组活动。Shani Hay说道:“我们工作室的使命即创造21世纪所需的包容性全纳教育环境,帮助所有孩子在平等的社会关系中成长。”

▼生活化的教育空间,life-skill activity stations © Roni Cnaani

▼寓教于乐的算盘教具,unique abacus promoting learning through play © Roni Cnaani

▼木质家具,wood furniture  © Roni Cnaani

The process of developing her design concept was preceded by conversations with pedagogues and experts that understand the special needs. The goal was to translate the philosophy of inclusive education into a physical environment that promotes joyful experiential learning. This designed space inspires kids to be engaged in multiple ways while enhancing a feeling of belonging and empathy. The school includes rooms for different types of classes and treatments, such as physical therapy, yoga/meditation, as well as private study. Sustainable, custom-made flexible furniture is situated alongside intimate soft nooks in each classroom. Calm colors and natural wooden materials were used to avoid emotional overload. Life-skill activity stations promote learning through play, for example a unique abacus with letters and shapes engraved on all sides for learning Braille and Sign language. The concept of a group circle was used to create a circular seating bench split into two halves, allowing for different seating arrangements wherever possible for any child wanting to join in, for example, a child in a wheelchair. “It is my studio’s mission that the 21st century educational environment will continue to embrace and implement inclusive learning so that all children grow up being equal partners in society,” says Shani Hay.

▼瑜伽冥想室,yoga/meditation room © Roni Cnaani

▼孩子们在定制家具中玩耍,children play in the custom-made furniture © Roni Cnaani

▼储物柜,locker  © Roni Cnaani

▼有趣的墙面,funny decoration of wall © Roni Cnaani

▼组合家具及长凳,cabinets and seats © Roni Cnaani

Concept Interior Design & Furniture Design: Sarit Shani Hay
Building Architect: L2 Tsionov Vitkon Architects Commissioned by the Tel Aviv Municipality & The Inclu Foundation
Photography: Roni Cnaani

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