“In the Mountains” in Designer Garden of Nanning Garden Expo Park, China by SSJ studio

A sequence of garden created accordig to six perspectives.

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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Located in the southwest of Nanning Garden Expo Park, “In the Mountains” is a garden inspired by Chinese landscape painting, covering an area of approximately 2000 square meters.

▼花园鸟瞰,bird view


A Northern Song Dynasty painter Guo Xi summarized that you can admire mountains in three perspectives. Height, range and horizon. Han Zhuo, a painter from the same period added yet another three perspectives. Vastness, vague and mystery.

▼花园全景,panoramic view


“In the Mountains” is designed according to these six perspectives


The first perspective is “range”. Walking through range upon range of white mountains, you can see the nonlinear surfaces of white mountains constantly changing.



The second perspective is “vastness”. You can see the reflection of the “White Hill” and water waves in the “Black Pond”. “Black Pond” doubles the limited space of the garden, and reflects the light, wind, rain and all the changes of the weather.


▼自深观阔,from the perspective “range” to “vastness”

▼自阔观深,from the perspective “vastness” to “range”

▼人们在“墨池”创作自己的作品,people leave their works in the “Black Pond”


The third perspective is “height”. You can raise your head to see all of the “White Hill” and walking into the cave of it to explore. “White Hill” is the only symmetrical hill in the garden. Its vertical shape and the pure color make the cave perfect for meditation


▼“苍峰”吸引着孩子们去攀爬玩耍,”White Hill” attracts children to climb and play


The fourth perspective is “horizon”. Stepping up to the highest platform, you can see all the other mountains.

▼自平观高,from the perspective “horizon” to “height”

▼自平观深,from the perspective “horizon” to “range”


The fifth perspective is “vague”. Seeing though serval white surfaces, the far mountains are vague and unclear.



The sixth perspective is “mystery”. The bamboo path is winding. It acts as both exit and entrance.


▼金属标识牌,metal signboard


You may walk, sit or lost in your thoughts in the garden, taking in the spirit of Chinese landscape painting.

▼夜景,night view

▼平面白描,White drawing of the plan

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018


Project name: “In the Mountains” in Designer Garden of Nanning Garden Expo Park
Design: SSJ studio
Contact E-mail: 178306048@qq.com
Design & Completion Year: 2018
Construction design:Liu Tong,Yu Cong,Huang Jiayao,Wang Yuanrui

Competition design:Liu Zhe,Li Wen,Wang Zhaodi
Project location: Nannning, Guangxi
Gross Built Area (square meters): 2000
Photo credits: Liu Tong
Partners: Donation enterprise:Nanning Municipal Engineering Group Co., Ltd
Clients: Committee of Nanning Garden Expo

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