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Three yards + two entrances

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19 世纪开始,西方秉弃纯为装饰而装饰的作法,以机能主义“形随机能”的观点检视当代建筑,开始追求空间中构筑和材料的真实性,这一论点是否直接界定了何谓“有用”或“无用”的空间?建筑 设计与工业、商业或服装设计等其他的创造活动不同,建筑坐落于土地上,有其相依的基地纹理和独特的时空背景。在客观条件下,不同的设计者依其主观价值判断发展出各式设计,而有各种的空间表情。


What are livelihoods? What are meditations? In the beginning of 19th century, western architects ceased the way of interpreting architecture in decorative ways and emerged the concept of “form follows function”, featuring materiality and space coordination to review modern architecture. However, does this concept distinctly define the practicability of a space? Unlike the mechanism of industrial, graphic and fashion design, buildings are constructed with response to the site texture and unique space-time background. Architects design in accordance to their subjective perception or knowledge and create different building expressions under particular objective conditions. The functionality of space is a projection of the designer’s mood apart from the reflection of the user’s needs.

The existence of needless elements and lacking of pragmatic factors become a subtle matter in the discussions on space construction. How should we view the spirituality of architecture in the oriental cultural context? What are the considerations of site context that should be valued when discussing the site essence? Based upon the initial thoughts of “ineffectiveness”, the impracticality of imaginary spaces are often the simplest way to sense an architect’s intents.

▼住宅外观,exterior view of the house ©Fieldevo Design Studio


▼住宅空间生成图,the generation process of the houes ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼住宅空间轴测图,以“三院两进”来铺陈居住与修行的空间序列,axon of the house, the IN / House project implements ‘three yards + two entrances’ to array the spatial flow of living and meditation areas ©Fieldevo Design Studio

In spatial organization, traditional house in Taiwan are always designed with three room and two public area. However, the project transform the typical temple’s plan, proposing three different court yard which create a mutation of a classic spatial sequence. The changing of light indicate the space of meditation and the passage of time. Bare concrete is implemented as the main materials for the house. Different template create five expression variously, which can be applied in several space with different function.

IN / House A familiar housing floor plan layout often equips ‘three bedrooms + two living rooms’; however, the IN / House project implements ‘three yards + two entrances’ to array the spatial flow of living and meditation areas: ‘three yards’ – dooryard, courtyard and backyard which act as a light vessel and wind aisle from the designated site offset; ‘two entrances’ – entry towards Zen area built for sensory perceptual experiences. The project aims to explore the experience of living through rethink the relation between living and meditation. Without coach, and TV, only the dialogue between heaven and earth, light and shadow, space and time, the order of architecture remains.

▼住宅中心庭院,形成风的通道和光的容器,the courtyard of the house that acts as a light vessel and wind aisle from the designated site offset ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼住宅中心庭院,the courtyard of the house ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼从中庭看住宅,viewing the house from the courtyard ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼从室内空间透过玻璃墙面看中庭,viewing the courtyard from the interior space through the glazed wall ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼卧室,the bedroom ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼卧室可以直接通向后院,the bedroom opens to the backyard directly ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼住宅后院,backyard of the house ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼起居室里的下沉式空间(左),空间细节(右),the sunken space in the living room (left), space details (right) ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼住宅墙面细节,阳光创造出迷人的光影效果,wall surface details with a light and shadow effect ©Fieldevo Design Studio

何谓居住?何为修行?能否利用空间的精神性来达到修行的境界,让空间材料回归到最真实的本质, 让身体感受一切最单纯的空间尺度──居住、生活就是修行。

Are tangible living spaces likely to sublimate into spiritual meditation realm? What are livelihoods? What are meditations? The restoration of spatial materiality into its intrinsic quality in the INHouse allows
human senses to appreciate the simplest form of a space. Perhaps, livelihood can always be equivalent to meditation.

▼日照分析,sunlight analysis ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼总平面图,site plan ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼立面图,elevations ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼剖面图AA’(左),剖面图BB’(右),section AA’ (left), section BB’ (right) ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼剖面图CC’,section CC’ ©Fieldevo Design Studio

▼剖面图DD’,section DD’ ©Fieldevo Design Studio

Project name: IN/House 進之宅
Company name: Fieldevo Design Studio
Project location: Tainan, Taiwan
Completion Year: 2017
Photo credits: Fieldevo Design Studio

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