Hush by Steve Messam

Habitat in mountains, dotted the nature

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Hush是有史以来最巨大的艺术作品之一。它由著名的环境艺术家Steve Messam根据North Pennines独一无二的地质风貌构思而出。整个作品长370米,宽50米,最高点达45米,几乎有四个足球场那么大。而以体积巨大闻名、现位于泰特现代美术馆的Turbine Hall和它比起来也只能相形见绌。同时,作品中还使用了超过5千米的布料。

Hush is one of the largest artworks ever created. Leading environmental artist, Steve Messam has conceived this artwork in response to the unique geology and landscape of the North Pennines. At 370m long, 50m wide and 45m at its highest point, Hush would dwarf the vast Turbine Hall at Tate Modern and is the length of almost four football pitches. Over 5km of fabric have been used to make the artwork.

▼鸟瞰图, the aerial view

▼hush在山间绵延, hush stretches across the hills

动态的艺术作品形式让人们对Hush的形成感到好奇,因为它是North Pennines最独特但又最容易被忽视的地貌特征之一。实际上,Hushing是一种古老的采矿方法。在18世纪,当地居民开始将蓄水池建在地势较高的堤坝后面,让急流从山坡上倾泻而下冲走土壤,以露出地下的矿石。

The dynamic artwork draws attention to the form of the hush, one of the North Pennines most distinctive but overlooked features. Hushing is an ancient method of mining used in this area during the eighteen century to extract minerals from the landscape. Reservoirs would be created behind a dam high in the landscape before a torrent of water was released down the hillside moving the soil and exposing the minerals underneath.

▼山谷两端被数根悬挂着黄布的长绳相连,the two ends of the valley are connected by long ropes suspended with yellow cloth

▼世界各地的摄影师和游客纷纷慕名来参观,photographers and tourists come from all over the world

在19世纪前,人们常常在Bales地区寻找与North Pennines有许多相似之处的铅矿石。这里曾经是一个矿区而如今却常常被人们忽视,因此Steve Messam想通过Hush来引起人们对这种景观的注意,并展示它们是如何在人类与大自然的互动中所形成的。

At Bales hush they were searching for lead ore in common with much of the North Pennines area and activity probably ceased towards the early nineteenth century. The signs that show this was formerly a mining area are often overlooked today so Hush seeks to draw attention to this dramatic feature and show how much of the landscape is formed from human interaction with nature.

▼黄色布条在山间迎风飘动,yellow strips of cloth fluttered in the wind over the mountains

Steve Messam是英国Durham郡的一名环境艺术家,常年为了工作往返于各国。他为场地量身打造的临时艺术作品使日常生活焕发出新的生机。他在富有历史痕迹的地区或者空荡的建筑中植入自己的作品,使我们以一种新方式来感知熟悉的环境。基于典型的“比建筑更大”的原则,他用作品不断对当地进行着色彩与规模的探索。

Steve Messam is an environmental artist based in County Durham, UK and working internationally. His ephemeral, site-specific installations re-imagine the everyday, interrupting historical places and vacant architecture to help us perceive the familiar environment in a new way. Working on a scale that is typically ‘bigger than a house’, his works explore the colour and scale of place.

▼更多细节,details of the installation

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